Technology is an amazing thing, don’t you think so? Through the various advancements in technology, life is certainly made easier. We won’t go into the complicated details of technological advancement as that would just be plain boring for both you and us. We’ll only touch upon the fun stuff such as how due to the improvements in technology, individuals like yourself can easily create custom-made t-shirt designs.

1. QR Code T-Shirts

One such design is QR code t-shirts. Have you heard of such a thing before? It’s now a rising trend to place QR codes for all sorts of uses on items of clothing like t-shirts and custom caps. In the past, QR codes were printed onto print-outs or merchandise as a convenient way for consumers to access more information on a specific matter.

Nowadays, businesses can simply place their QR code onto their DIY t-shirt printing which can be worn by their staff or given away for free to the public. Since t-shirts make comfortable daily wear, they can be worn often which increases the chances of making the public more aware of a company’s products and services.

2. Save the Date T-Shirts

On the other hand, unlike the QR code tee shirts which are more suitable for business purposes, save the date t-shirts can be used for various situations whether it be for personal celebrations such as weddings or for business events like product launches. So both companies and individuals alike can benefit from creating and designing their own date or event specific tee shirts.

3. Wedding Memory T-Shirts

This last t-shirt design idea might not sound that unique at first but don’t judge it solely by its name. Are you ready? Wedding couple t-shirts. Unlike the typical just married t-shirts often gifted as wedding gifts for the bride and groom by their friends or family members, wedding memory t-shirts can be gotten as anniversary gifts by yourself for your other half.

Just because you got married doesn’t mean that you need to stop getting them gifts. From now on, all of your life celebrations and milestones such as Valentine’s Day will be even more meaningful and memorable since you’ll be spending it with your other half. Who in the world was it that said romance is dead after marriage?