If you think printing your picture on canvas is hard and impossible, think again. With Printcious, you no longer have to wait for professional photography sessions before you can get beautiful pictures. Find out how to get your picture looking like it was painted with meticulous brush strokes with our previous tutorial here.

In this edition of tutorial, we’re showing you how you can get your pictures printed on a canvas. Stay tuned to the end to view inspirations from other designs as well.

Step 1. Choosing Your Perfect Canvas

The first step to getting your picture printed is to choose what you want to print it on. Choose a canvas size and shape that is suitable for your picture. Printcious provide you with two choices of either square or rectangle canvases.


Step 2. Choosing Your Canvas Size

Each canvas shape comes in many sizes. Choose one that will be suitable for where you will place it.


Step 3. Customising Your Canvas

To start customising your canvas, click the Customise It button in blue. You will then be brought to the online customisation tool.


Step 4. Adding Your Picture

Click the Add Image button on the top left side of your online customisation tool layout. You will be prompted to choose your image from your files.


Step 5. Resizing & Editing Your Picture

You can choose to either resize or rotate your image using the online customisation tool. Make sure to not exceed the safety lines provided as the guide so your picture won’t get cut off during printing.


Step 6. Complete Your Customisation

When you’re done and satisfied with the picture, click Done. You can then view the sample image of the outcome.


Step 7. Ordering Your Own Customised Canvas

Finally, add your customised canvas to cart with the Add to Cart button!


With very minimal time consumption, you can get to printing your picture onto a canvas for your home or for gifts! How about looking through our gallery for inspiration? We have more than a thousand designs for you to choose from.

canvas-sell-1 canvas-sell-2

Of course, you’re not limited to just printing your pictures. If you would like to decorate your room or office with inspirational canvases, you can upload your words of strength and get them printed just for you.

canvas-sell-3 canvas-sell-4

A good pick me up for when your days are going a little slow or getting a little blue, these vibrant canvases can give the atmosphere the right kind of bost.


Now that you know how to customize your own picture, how to customize your own canvas and have seen some samples for inspiration, why not go make your own canvas? We promise, it’s going to fun 😉


If you need a recap of our tutorial, we made a video to show you how simple the steps are. Watch below!

So now you know how to turn any picture into a masterpiece!