Style Guide For A Date Night

Valentine’s Day; the loveliest time of the year. The one day where everyone can freely express their love and affections for someone they love. The one day where public display of affection is considered somewhat justifiable. Every year on this day, streets and malls are lined with red and pink roses, heart-shaped cushions, teddy bears and confettis. Every restaurant or café would offer couple seats at a cheaper price, making anyone who has yet to find their significant half feel less of themselves. Honestly, don’t be. Valentine’s Day is a day to be spent with someone you love dearly. It can be your best friends, your parents or even your siblings.

Since V-Day is coming up, here’s 3 outfit ideas for your future date night.

1. Denim Chic

Denim jeans are so universal you can dress it up or tone it down. You can make denim look fancy by styling it with a lace top or tone it down by matching it with a comfy sweater or stylish graphic t-shirt. These few casual outfits would be perfect for chill night outs. All you need is a pair of denim jeans to be paired with an adorable knee-high boots or a pair of nude stiletto heels to look glamorous. Whether it is a pair of cute ripped jeans or a comfy mom jeans, you will definitely be able to rock this style.

2. Flirty and Ladylike

If you’re looking to exude a feminine vibe for this festivity, switch out your casual wear with a V-neck dress. It could be a flirty strapless dress or even a cute wrap dress. For all my Muslim friends out there, you can add a white long sleeve top inside that would blend perfectly with these cute styles. It doesn’t have to be a dress, even a cute mini skirt or a puffy ruffled top will give off a flirty and ladylike feel to it.

3. Glam & Refined

For those who are going to a fancy dinner with your Valentine, I’ve got you covered. Whether it is fine dining or a visit to a high class art museum, these few outfit ideas would be perfect for any glamorous date nights. For my Muslim friends out there who wish to rock these few pieces, you can find a maxi version of these dresses and pair them with a long white sleeve top with frills at the edge to make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

4. Couples Tee

The classic uniform that you see flooding around town during V-day. This adorable way of displaying your affection is perfect for day dates to a theme park or other outdoorsy activities. If you’re looking for a custom pair, I’ve got the perfect place for you to design your own personalised t-shirt. Head on over to our online gift shop to tailor-make a pair for this Valentine’s Day!