Do you remember Printcious’ Valentine’s Day Photo Contest? It’s been 20 days since the Valentine Photo Contest and a whooping total of 149 couples has participated in this event with a total of over 5,800 votes!

Printcious would like to thank everyone for joining our Valentine’s Day Photo Contest and making it a great success. 20 participants has qualifies for the above 100 votes category (2 mugs + 1 cushion) and 11 participants has made for the above 50 votes category (2 mugs). Unfortunately 112 other entries did not manage to place in either three categories, but do not be sad because it’s not that bad!

We will be giving away 30% discount vouchers to participants with 50 votes and below!

We would also like to congratulate our top 3 winners who have achieved 400 over likes each! These top three will be receiving 2 t-shirts, 2 mugs and 2 cushions of their choice. The winners with the top 3 highest votes are; Tong Shew Seng, Ng Chiew Sim and Hong Kiat Chong!

Winners will receive an email regarding their prizes and how to receive their gifts.

To those who have missed out on the chance to participate, Printcious will have more contests to come. So make sure you hit that subscribe button on Facebook! To keep yourself ahead of the herd, make sure your notification for Printcious is on. That way you get a notification every time we make a post and the next winner could be you!