Pin-back buttons or button badges, as it’s widely known, are little brooch-like things that can be fastened to a garment using the safety pin attached. Believe it or not, the earliest versions of these were first introduced in 1789! Can you imagine it? That was over 200 years ago!sizesDesigns credit

Now you must we wondering “Why did people even need it back then? It’s not like they handed it out at birthday parties.” You’re right! They didn’t do that. In fact, button badges were first used for political campaigns in the USA before it was finally patented for commercial and personal use. These days, you could even make your own with Printcious!


If you feel the urge to communicate your creativity why not design your own button badge? We have 5 available sizes for you to choose from and they’re made of hard, durable plastic so you can be sure they’ll last through thick and thin. We also create unique orders for schools, special occasions, fund raisers, social awareness and are always up for the challenge.

button-2aNando’s order of extra hot matte finishing button badges

Don’t stop there! We want to help your business stand out. Among our growing list of clients are notable brands like Nando’s, HappyFresh and Sephora. Button badges are great corporate gifts. Not only do they allow for a wider range of advertisement, they’re also flexible. Button badges can be pinned on lanyards, pencil cases and almost any cloth surface.

button-4aHappyFresh’s full colour printed glossy button badges

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