While you’d rather spend the whole day and night with her in the room, but romance isn’t all about what happens underneath the bed sheets. If anything, it should transcend way beyond that, like if you were to share a common interest together, then going out to watch her favourite underground band together, enjoying good music together amidst others that share the same taste in music as you. If you happen to go out with a bunch of friends as well, make it more memorable with our custom printed t-shirts for bands.

It’s the end of the year, which means the Christmas party is due soon and for a tropical country like Malaysia, bereft of snow it means going out to malls or book a room at any Airbnb to experience the freezing weather through 16 degrees air conditioned rooms, for the chance to snuggle comfortable with each other under the mattress. While its a nice change of pace to be relaxing during the holiday season but you can’t just stay in bed for the whole day and you’d want to wear something amidst the cold if not freezing temperatures in the room.

As the proud owner of a few Airbnb apartments, there’s nothing wrong with going the extra mile to make your customers feel special with unique custom clothing. While you can always give them a scarf in tune with the festive season but they’ll only be able to wear that during rainy and cold days, and those days are rather hard to come by in this country.

Like a blank canvas, it’s a place where you can get your creative juices flowing with an online design tool to help you make that design a reality, with an additional preview so that you get to see how the end product will look like.