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Blogger Buddy Program

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Looking for bloggers to write reviews. Receive up to RM300 worth of gifts when you become a Princtious Blogger Buddy. Reap the rewards instantly!


  • Love to write reviews about new and exciting products as well as campaigns!
  • Over 3000 visitors per month (about 100 visitors per day)
  • Active content and updates


  • Exclusive discounts, vouchers for you and your followers
  • Be the first to know about our promotions, newest products and features
  • Be featured in our online campaigns on our blog and social platforms

How to Join?

  1. Publish a blog post reviewing our website and its online design tool. You may illustrate how to use it to customise a gift step by step.
  2. We will email you your first voucher worth at least RM 60 to shop at Printcious.
    p/s: the better your blog traffic & its content, the better the voucher!
  3. After receiving your customised gift, you may write another testimonial on how do you feel about your online shopping experience with us.
  4. We accept any feedback that could help us improve Printcious. Don't hold back!
  5. Once that's done, we will email you a second voucher worth at least RM 80 for your next order.
    p/s: the amount will be based on how impressive your testimonial blog post is :)

Of course, if you have other ideas of engagement, let us know. We would be very happy to hear from you!

Our current bloggers:

Check out our past blogger reviews to better understand our program!

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