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Expressive Mug Designs for Coffee and Tea in the UK


This is my cup of tea. That's what you say when you like or enjoy something. And it's cute. But now, most of the people in United Kingdom is saying that mugs are their cup of tea. And they meant it in the most literal way. Mugs are the new players in the tea drinking game in the UK, replacing teacups, and for good reasons too. Which is why if you're planning to give tea lovers a gift, a personalised mug with photo can go a long way.

Now, let's talk about how the whole mugs are the more popular choice than teacups happens. Well, most likely because of the café culture that is brought to the UK. When's the last time you go to a café and the tea or any other beverages is served in a tiny teacups and teapots? See, it's because mugs are more convenient. Mugs can hold double the amount of tea a teacup can hold. Gone are the days you have to pour your tea repeatedly. Plus, mugs are proven to be sturdier. Hence, if you plan to give it as a wonderful birthday gift or an awesome Christmas present, then you should try and get a mug from Printcious.

Okay, let's move on to the designs. The reason why mugs are getting more popular because there are so much room for artsy, expressive and funny designs. Which is ultimately different from teacup designs in the UK. Although both are actually aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but just with different vibes. This is the aspect where Printcious can really deliver, because on our website, you can create your own designs for the mugs. So, you can really create the custom made printed mugs on your own. Which can be a really great unique customised gift for your recipients in the UK. So, come and browse the selections of mugs that we carry over here at Printcious. Shop now!

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