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$ 46.50 $ 16.30 (-65%)

Colour Mugs

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Throw Pillows

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Canvas (Square)

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Ceramic Tiles (Rectangle)

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Tote Bags

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Puzzles (Love)

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Mousepads (Round)

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Photo Rocks (Love)

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Metal Keychains (Round #3)

$ 22.70 $ 9.10 (-60%)

Thank You Gifts and Farewell Gifts for Interns in United States

Yes, you should prepare other gifts (practical gifts like custom made coffee mugs or brand new phone cases) for your interns in United States, other than the gift of knowledge that you had bestowed upon them whilst they were learning and getting hands-on experience on the job that you have entrusted them with. This shouldn't even be a question that you need to ask.

When their internship with your company has ended, as their direct supervisor, you should prepare a farewell gift that says thank you for their work in your office in United States. And for all of that sentiment to make it into one simple gift, you should get special personalised gifts from Printcious.

Why, you asked? It's because you can show your appreciation by printing exactly what you feel or exactly what you want to tell them on any of the gift items on our list. All you have to do is pick a gift item and create your best design to be printed on it. And these interns in United States will appreciate your kind gesture and will keep your gift as a keepsake, something to remember you by, something to remind them of the good times they had in their first venture into adulthood and the working world in United States. To be honest, if they had a good time interning in your office, they will always remember you. But get the gifts anyway.

So, check out the perfect gifts for him and the ideal gifts for her over here at Printcious. Start your creation today!

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