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Printcious Affiliate Program

What's Printcious Affiliate Program?

You want to get started earning extra income but don't have any ideas on how?
You're looking for more ways to spend less time at work and more money in your pocket.

Join Printcious Affiliate Program today!
Earn commission just by referring friends, families or anyone! It's free and easy as 1-2-3.

Benefits of Printcious Affiliate Program

Earn extra income up to 30% from all purchases you referred.
Earn extra income up to 20% from all purchases you referred.
Easy to share it out via unique link.
Easy to share it out via unique link.
NO cost. Yes, it's FREE to join.
NO cost. Yes, it's FREE to join.
Make money 24-hr even though you are sleeping.
Make money 24-hr even though you are sleeping.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

When your friend buy HK$ 100 of products, you earn HK$ 20. As simple as that.
* Terms & Conditions

What do we sell?

Customise Your T-Shirts as Gifts
Customise Your Canvas as Gifts
Customise Your Mugs as Gifts
Customise Your Cushions as Gifts
Customise Your Puzzles as Gifts
Customise Your Mousepads as Gifts
Customise Your Bags as Gifts
Customise Your Photo Rocks as Gifts
and many more ...

How to Participate?

  • Sign up to become an affiliate.
  • Access to Affiliate dashboard and copy your referral link.
  • Share your referral link on your own social media or WhatsApp to invite other people to purchase.
  • On your Affiliate dashboard, you can track the number of clicks, orders and commissions you have earned.
  • Request to cash out your earning or redeem it with cash voucher.


Thank you for your interest in a Printcious Gifts and company!

 Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

There is no limit. The best part is you can refer as many people as you like and earn much as you can!

 Who can join the Printcious Affiliate Program?

Anyone who wants to make extra income and is willing to share the good things with friends and family can also join.

 How do I join the Printcious Affiliate Program?

Get started with few easy steps:

1. Register and log in to your member account.

2. Click on "Join Affiliate Program".

3. Fill in the Affiliate Program form.

4. Share the referral links with your friends and family.

5. They purchase from us, you receive a commission of up to 20%.

 Where can I share my referral link?

You can share your referral link on:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Youtube

- Email

- Website

- WhatsApp

- Telegram

- Twitter

- etc

As long as your friends and family click the link, we will be able to track them.

 How do I keep of track my earning?

You will receive an email once your friend has placed an order with us.

The order will go through a process of verification. Once the order has passed our requirements with no fraudulent activity detected, we will approve the order.

Once approved, you will receive another email to notify you of how much you have earned.

You may also log in to your member account and see your earnings.

 What is the commission rate for affiliate?

The Printcious commission rate is up to 20% per sale excluding the shipping fee and royalty fee.

 Are there any fees associated with the Printcious Affiliate Program?

Printcious Affiliate Program is completely free.

 Why is Printcious giving such a high percentage of cash rewards?

We wish to reward our loyal customers so that they can share the joy of gifts with their loved ones, family, and friends.

Instead of spending on marketing, why not reward our loyal customers? ^_^

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