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Shop Custom Made Coasters with Photos in Ireland


Perhaps you are still wondering why on Earth does people use coasters. Well keep on reading to know why. Who would want their wooden tables to have rings and watermarks? You know when you spill some of your coffee from your mugs and you don't wipe it right away it would stain your table, right? That wouldn't happen if you use coasters for table. here is another scenario - imagine you are drinking iced tea and water droplets are formed outside of the glass making it looks like it's sweating. That would later causes glass rings staining to your table. Now we wouldn't want that, would we? So shop coasters for glasses in Ireland with Printcious and get it customised to your own preferences.

Whether you are looking for a round shaped coasters for drinks or a square shaped custom made coasters, we provide you both of them in Ireland. If you can't decide, why not just buy both? Shop for a matching pair of coasters with photos for couples and get the same design on both coasters. One for you, one for your partner.

Some days you just need that extra boost. Perhaps it can come from a coaster? Add inspiring quotes on your custom made coasters with our online design tools. Just lift up that glass or mug when you are about to take a sip and take a glance at your coaster to be motivated. Care for yourself in order to care for others. Spread positivity with gifts from Printcious. Shop unique customized gifts in Ireland and send it anywhere either inside or outside of Ireland.

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