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They were made with a purpose. More often than not it's because either people keep losing keys all the time or they get them mixed up with other keys that look alike. Save yourself the trouble of having to play hide and seek with your keychains early in the morning before getting to work. There's no telling how many keys you had to seek before you actually win it, go easy on yourself with our cool photo keychains for him as a start no matter where you reside in Japan.

How many keys do you have in Japan? Arguably, almost anything that is deemed valuable or at the very least that has doors on them is bound to have a keyhole. Your house, car, safe box or perhaps even your drawer back at the office. Wouldn't it be easier to have them all personally categorized with each having their own individual personalized name keychain. It doesn't really take much to design one, granted that you already have your design prepared beforehand or even got the image that you wanted ready to be dragged and drop into our online design tool. If you already have someone in mind, then you can get our cute couple keychain for matching accessories.

So you've made a bit of a name for yourself, doing game reviews on youtube or better playing games on them and you're thinking of trotting our merchandises. Nothing too big nor fancy but just the right size and easy for postal services. Our personalized key holder for her does just that, plus you get to have your own logo or even face printed on them in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home in Japan.

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