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Custom Printed Coasters in Japan


Not too dissimilar to the yellow stains that you can find in your pillows, the same could happen to your table if you still ceased to put anything in between your glass and the table. Having a table cloth only helps to an extent, because it'll still get wet and will need to be washed later on. Save yourself the hassle and just get our modern coasters printing made just for you.

If you're planning something huge for your next gathering, then it's a given that you'd want to bring out your best glassware for the guests in Japan. You can make it even more special when you place under each and every one of those glasses with personalized photo coasters for each of your corresponding guests.

You just bought a new dining table for two, which would be perfect for a romantic dinner together in your pajamas in the hectic and busy city of Tokyo. It's all white and looks as new as the vows that you just took with each other with your families as witnesses. Don't let anything leave a bad stain on your marriage much like the white dining table that you just bought. Take care of it in the best possible way when you get our glass drink coasters.

Ever thought of wanting to take your food photos to the next level in Japan? Make it look even more appealing when you get our custom printed coasters that you can add your own designs and artworks printed onto it to add some originality into your photos.