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Personalized Coffee Mugs in Japan

Create Beautiful Coffee Mugs Online Now in Japan

It's a common trend nowadays where people would take photos of their food before they get eaten whether it's in the café, restaurant or even at home. Not a single food is spared from their Instagram posts be they homemade or even take outs. Imagine taking your food photos and having your own personalized photo mug in it. It'll make your photos look far better and personalized than ever before in Japan.

How do you perfect the art of breakfast in bed? Other than making something that's easy to eat and won't cause too much of a hassle if they were spilled. So something with a lot of sauce or too crumbly might not be a good idea for this occasion in Japan. So an Oyakodon or a simple hot dog with French toast is good enough, plus you can top that off with some lovely hot chocolate in your very own photo coffee mug.

Being in the cold offers you two things, a reason to get all cuddly with your loved one or drink something hot to warm you up in Japan. Why not both? Make the best possible gift, one where you can get spend some quality time with your adorable wife and while you're at it sip some hot cocoa. Our custom printed mugs will give you warmth both inside out.

You have about a week until your brother's birthday and you still haven't figured out what you want to get him. You already know how crazy he is about anime and even more so about collecting the different anime merchandises available. So find out the one anime that he likes more than anything else and proceed to get that printed on your own personalized mugs for him.