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Get Personalized with Photo Puzzle in Japan

  • A4 - 120 pcs (28cm x 20cm) / 11.0" x 7.9"
  • A3 - 300 pcs (39cm x 28cm) / 15.4" x 11.0"
  • A2 - 500 pcs (53cm x 39cm) / 20.9" x 15.4"


Do you miss those days? Back when the phone was a tool to connect people together and not be a tool that tears people apart. If you're one of its victims, then you can try and get back those times the moment you get our cute photo puzzle that lets you use your very own photo and get them printed and turned into a puzzle. You could even add your very own message on top of it to make it even more special in Japan.

Let's make your gifts something that brings all your kids and their friends together. It can get tiresome to stare at the screen for long hours no matter if it's binge watching an anime or playing multiplayer games with each other. It's time to bring back some good old fun with our puzzles for kids that lets them work together and discuss the best way to handle the problem before them.

It's snowing outside in Akita and it's too cold even for a quick snowball gift. That doesn't mean you should just sleep under the kotatsu when you can do something even more fun together. You can get literally anything from selfies to artworks and have them printed on our custom jigsaw puzzles. You could even get your romantic words printed alongside it as well using our online design tool. There's nothing for you to worry about even if you have no idea how to design them, just take a breather and have look at our online jigsaw puzzles for him and draw inspiration from them no matter where you are in Japan.