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My Order

 Do I need to register an account to shop?

Yes and No.

Yes. Registering with us helps speed up the ordering process for you, as we would already have with us your billing and shipping details. It also allows you to keep track of your current and past order, and payment status.

No. You can also make your orders without registering an account, your orders will still be updated to you through email, however you may not be able to recheck again for your past orders.

 How long will it take to get my order?

配送方法配達期間費用 (¥)
Aramex (International) 7で発送 - 12営業日基礎となる

 How to return the gifts if it is broken during delivery?

For details, please refer Returns and Refunds.

 Can I come to your office to self collect my parcel?

Self collect is not available now.

 I want to create a custom design. Can you help me design it?

残念ながら、現時点ではデザインサービスを提供していません。ただし、オンラインデザインツールを使用すると、オンラインで簡単にデザインできます。また、既存のテンプレートから選択してデザインを作成することもできます。ここで参照できます。 How To use Printcious Online Design Tool

 How can I make changes to my order or cancel it?

You can cancel by logging in into your Printcious account. Go to ‘My Orders' and cancel button will be under the ‘Status' section. However, this is only applicable for ‘Pending' orders only.

 I haven't received my tracking number. Can you provide me the tracking number?

You will receive an email with the tracking number after we ship your item. Please click directly on the link in the email to track your shipment.

 I've placed an order and already made the payment, but it says “Pending” when I check its status. What's wrong?

Your payment might not been updated or the payment has failed. If you have already made the payment, please send the proof of payment to payment@printcious.com.

 I've missed a promotional campaign for a recent order I placed. Can I still enjoy the offer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the discount voucher once the order has been placed.

 Can I edit my design again?

Absolutely. Please contact our customer service immediately through Facebook messenger or email us at ask@printcious.com. We cannot change the design once the item is processed.

 How can I change my shipping address?

Please directly email us at ask@printcious.com to change your address. We are no longer be able to change the address if the item is in the process of delivery.

 How can I check my order status?

You can check your status by clicking your username at the top right corner of the page and choose ‘My Orders'.

 I had placed an order last week. Why I still haven't received my item until today?

Your order will be processed once we receive the payment within 5 - 10 working days (depending on the shipping locations) which exclude Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

 I want to include a birthday card/complimentary card to my order. Do you provide it?

Currently, we do not provide that option. We might adding up that feature in the future.

 How can I track the shipment of my order?

You will receive an email with a tracking link once your order is ready for delivery.

 Can I exchange my item to a new size or color?

As our products are made to order, therefore we do not accept returns for size changes.

My Design

 If I want to upload my photo, what is the specification?

If you are uploading a digital photo, it must be a minimum of 300 DPI or approximately 1500px by 1500px (or higher), this information can usually be found under the properties of a picture file.

The actual print size (dimensions) of the photo must be at least the same size of the print area. It can be larger, we will adjust the size if necessary. The print size cannot be smaller then print area, otherwise the file will break up and lose sharpness.

 Any differences of colors between my uploaded photo & the finished gifts?

Due to the nature of the sublimation process there may be a slight shift in color versus your original graphic or as you see it on your computer screen. We use only first quality products. However, the process involves a heat press so the finished product may not appear as sharp as your original.

 I'm having technical issues in designing or placing my order. What should I do?

If you are using your phone, try creating your design and placing your order using a desktop or laptop instead as that will work better.

ii. Clear your browsing history and cache or use another browser.

iii. If the steps above still haven't fixed your issue, please email us ask@printcious.com. We're here to help!


 How to make payment for my order?

Please refer Payment for online payment details.

 My payment was successful, but it did not get any order confirmation. Help!

Once payment is successful, an automated email confirmation will be sent to you. Kindly check your spam and junk folder as well. If there is no email received, kindly contact us at ask@printcious.com or via Facebook/Instagram messenger to check further.

 I couldn't proceed with the payment and my order status is pending. How do I proceed?

Kindly contact us via email/Facebook or Instagram messenger. Our customer service will assist you further.

 When will a certain product sale/promotion last?

For seasonal sale it will be available for a certain period and it will end at anytime. Grab it fast before it is gone!

 How do I apply my voucher code?

After clicking ''View Cart'', there will be a “Voucher Code” box on the right side under Order Summary. You may then enter voucher code there and click “Apply'' before checkout.

 Why is my voucher code not working?

If the code that you apply is correct and it is showing invalid, kindly email us at ask@printcious.com or contact us via Facebook/Instagram messenger before making any payment.

 How many voucher codes can I apply per order?

Only one voucher code can be applied per order.


 How much is the shipping cost and when will I receive it?

We charge a small shipping fee for each order to cover postage and packing.
The charges are as follows:

配送方法配達期間費用 (¥)
Aramex (International) 7で発送 - 12営業日基礎となる

For details, please refer Shipping.

 Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship worldwide.

All orders are dispatched via courier or designated shipping provider, and are determined by their respective delivery schedules.

 Can you send to PO Box address?

Please do not enter PO Box as shipping providers do not ship to PO Box or Box addresses.

 I have checked my tracking and it seems that my parcel has been stuck at a certain place for quite some time. What should I do?

If this happens, usually the couriers will send your parcels to a certain hub which they will then distribute again to the right place to where your parcel should be sent. However if the parcel has been there for quite some time without any updates, please email us at ask@printcious.com or contact us via Facebook/Instagram messenger to check further.

Bulk Order

 I want to purchase an item in bulk. Can you give me the quotation?

If you are planning to purchase more than 30 units, please visit Bulk Order or send email to sales@printcious.com.










アラメックスの宅配便で直接お届けします。 KL /セランゴールエリア内であれば、ララモベ当日配達サービスも手配できます。



数量が30個を超える場合は、 www.printcious.com/jp/bulk-orderにアクセスしてオンラインで一括割引の問い合わせを送信できます。









デザインにはどのフォントでも使用できます。 AIファイルを使用して設計する場合は、アウトラインを作成したことを確認してください。


300 dpiは、印刷に最適なグラフィック解像度です。これよりも小さいdpiを使用すると、印刷品質が低下します。最終的な印刷製品の品質は、お客様から提供されたファイルによって決まります。



 アイデアもアートワークもありません。 Printciousデザインは私のためにありますか?



デザインがCMYKカラーモードになっていることを確認してください。 RGBまたはPantoneでカラーモードまたはコードを使用すると、印刷結果に色の変化が生じる可能性があります。