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Personalize Button Badge Printing in Japan


Whether you're a 90's kids or not, you've probably heard of a gym badge before that you can only get after beating certain gym leaders in a world full of weird and cool creatures. Wouldn't it be amazing to have your own progress gets tracked into the real world, for every gym leader that you've beaten will earn you the right to wear their respective badges. Get your own unique gym badges where you can brag about it to all of your friends in Japan.

There are easier ways to reject someone, tell them you love them, or perhaps even that you adore them other than saying it through your own lips. They boy that you liked in Kyoto is probably clueless that you're head over heels for him. You could then get him something that could only come from you that would inspire anyone to put on a romantic original soundtrack to such an ‘aww' worthy scene. Add some originality into your scene, when you get him your very own personalized pin badges perhaps with the words I love you or I feel the same way too or maybe even the Sorry. Just make sure that he's single before you pull off any of these stunts to save you the embarrassment.

It's not all that expensive nor is it hard for you to create your very own custom button badges especially when you're in Japan. All you have to do, is just get onto our create your own gifts tab and specifically choose our button badges to start designing. Make it personal, make it exciting, make it yours today.

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