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Custom Large Throw Pillow in Japan


In order to bring out the colour of the room, you decided to get a rather light coloured sofa that complements the white interior of your house in Japan. You're one step closer to making your house scream out yours, rather than a well decorated hotel room. Going back to the lonely sofa in the living room, make it look more homely when you gift it our cute photo cushions that lets you get any photos printed on it from selfies, anime characters right down to Nicholas Cage's face.

Already? Yes, your anniversary might come around sooner than you think, they're always like that whenever you're not staring at the calendar. Your girlfriend is probably all excited for it. Rise up to the challenge, if anything it's one of those times where you get to be hopelessly romantic or even kinky for her. Order your very own cute throw pillows that you can even personalize and get in something sweet and romantic or even something naughty and kinky. Either way, your anniversary is off to a good start in Kyoto.

Living in very limited space in Tokyo, where your house could only afford two small bedroom despite being a three storey house. So when you've got friends coming over to your house from afar, you could let them sleep in the living room more comfortably when you get our custom made cushions that is fluffy and beautifully designed based on your preferences. You could even browse our huge collection of decorative pillows for couch.

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