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Custom Printed Coffee Mugs in Japan


Another day at the office. Everyone rushes off to the pantry to get their daily boost of coffee and for a healthier alternative green tea or oats. It'd be troublesome to have your mug get switched with someone else and it's even more of a bother to have to use the marker and write your name on it. Printed in high quality, you can even design your own mug using our ever helpful online design tool in Japan.

Waking up alone, with literally no one to cheer you up every morning could make your mornings really gloom. Make each and every morning precious, when you get lovely messages printed on our personalized coffee mugs for her. It could be a simple message from a long distanced boyfriend, an old friend or perhaps even an endearing colleague at your workplace in Tokyo.

It's one of the most cliché gifts and yet they're one of the most oft used items in any home. Because the body needs drinks, be they coffee, hot chocolate or even tea, and what better way to drink than from your very own photo coffee mug that lets you create a work of art, either through your selfie or even a calligraphy art that you're proud of.

So after over a year getting to know him, you decided to move in with your boyfriend in Osaka. Splitting the rent in half eases the burden and being the woman in the house, you can't help but want to use this opportunity to get things in pairs. Start things off with our cute couple mugs that you can even customize differently from one another or perhaps even use the same design. That's one thing that you can cross off the list.

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