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Culture shock. The arrival of the US army in their war with a certain figure from the middle east during the 90s, led to a lot of things, one of which led to the growth of fast-food chains all over Kuwait which pretty much contributes to a drastic change of lifestyle plus the effective marketing of these fast food. With slim and happy people munching away at their burgers and fries when reality paints a start contrast. It's a concerning matter, even for the government to educate and instil a much healthier lifestyle among Kuwaitis, where being overweight is a norm.

While you don't hold the pen to authorize any government plans, you can do your part in creating awareness about the whole issue. Planning a walkathon is one of them, you could give away free custom printed graphic tee for participants, and alongside it, a custom printed tote bag where they can store all the goodies plus the pamphlets from all the health representatives from multiple health-related agencies.

It's a bit of a shock, when you're used to doing hard labor like fishing, diving for pearls or even goat herding switched lavish office jobs where spending hours in the office becomes the norm. While things obviously changed for the better, don't let it ruin you. Strive to live better, work hard to improve your lifestyle. Obviously, the hardest in doing all of those is in keeping your motivations on a high note. Do just that when you get cute matching couple mugs through our online design tool because aside from filling yourself with positivity, nothing gives you quite like the boost of having a partner that encourages you in Kuwait.

The political unrest didn't really contribute to this particular field, seeing as how the increase in welfare benefits led to some relying solely on unemployment benefits not too dissimilar to France. Where being homeless is a choice rather than something forced upon. So make use of the benefits that you have to work for a better future a better lifestyle where the end of your life isn't determined by a beeping machine that shows your heartbeat in a graph-like manner somewhere in a hospital in Kuwait. As much as you want what's best for those that you love, they also want what's best for you, to live a long and healthy life. Keep that in mind, the next time you're thinking of munching on that 3rd of 4th burger or better yet get them printed on our custom engraved wooden coaster or make it a part of your decoration with our canvas wall art print.

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