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Designer FAQs

This is the place to come for all the answers to your common questions. If we don't answer your question below, please just Let Us Know!

Designer Program

 What is Store?

A store is your personal URL on Printcious. Use it to showcase your best selling designs and allow customers to see all of the products that you have created. Your store allows you to highlight your own brand and style on Printcious!

It only takes a few minutes to open a store, and it's completely FREE! So, sign up for your free account, and get started on your store now.

 What Products to Make?

There are several different approaches to making Printcious products. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  1. Make products using your own original artwork or designs
    1. Fine art
    2. Graphic art
    3. Artwork that is hard to classify
    4. Square or rectangular paintings, drawings, watercolors, etc.
  2. Make products related to a specific themes or niches
    1. Occasions: Valentines, Wedding, New Baby, Birthday...
    2. Sports: football, basketball, tennis, badminton, golf, table tennis...
    3. Animals: dog, cat, horse, monkey, chicken, fish...
    4. Professions: accountants, programmers, engineers, doctors, teachers, business man...
    5. Fruits: banana, durian, watermelon, apple, orange...
  3. Make template designs
    1. "Fill-in-the-blank" templates such as "I Love [Your Text]", "Trust me, I am [Your Text]".
    2. Photo templates such as a design with frame, customer can insert photo inside the frame

 Design Tips Dos and Don'ts

What To Do

  • Design something you would want to own or wear
  • Creative, funny, meaningful


What Not To Do

  • Place a large square photo on t-shirts
  • Use copyrighted or trademarked artwork or phrases without permission of the rights holder

 How will I receive my royalty?

Once you reach the minimum cash out amount of RM100, you can head over to My Overview to request for a royalty cash out. Simply click the "Cash Out" button and we will process your request at end of the month.

Kindly be advised that cash out requests will only be paid in multiples of RM50 after the first RM100 minimum cash out amount.

 How do I get more people to buy my products?

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog) is the easiest and most cost effective way of getting attention. Remember to keep posting your products on your social media feeds, even your art page! Word of mouth helps just as much.

Here’s an article on how to market your designs: How To Promote Your Designs And Make More Money

 How much royalty can I earn?

You may enjoy royalties ranging from 30% to 99%!

 How are my royalties calculated?

Your royalties are calculated like so:

 Can I buy my own products?

Yes. You are allowed and you will still get your royalties.

 Do I still get my royalty if someone uses a voucher code to purchase my designs?

Yes, but your royalty will be calculated based on the discounted selling price.

 I'm interested in joining designer marketplace, where else can I access more tutorials?

You may access more tutorials about creating designs, making products, and managing store here.