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Car Lovers

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Tote Bags

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Canvas (Square)

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Throw Pillows

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Photo Frames

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Metal Keychains (Round #3)

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Money Banks

RM 57.60 RM 25.90 (-55%)

Mousepads (Round)

RM 51.80 RM 23.30 (-55%)

Colour Mugs

RM 66.40 RM 29.90 (-55%)

Photo Rocks (Love)

RM 94.20 RM 42.40 (-55%)

Puzzles (Love)

RM 68.00 RM 30.60 (-55%)

Gifts for Car Lovers in Malaysia

Some people love cars, some people worship cars. You'd think those people would belong to the same category but their level of enthusiasm would be the defining factor on which spectrum they belong to. But then, a car enthusiast is a car enthusiast, no matter what, they will never turn down gifts that can reflect their enthusiasm for cars. So, whether they're car accessories or personalised photo gifts from Printcious, they will appreciate your gift-giving gesture. So, you can just find the perfect gifts for these car lovers in Malaysia here on our website. Be it the ideal gifts for your boyfriend who is really into cars or the perfect gifts for your dad who always drives you everywhere you need to go in Malaysia.

The best thing about our gifts is the fact that you can create your own designs that will be printed on the gift item that you choose. So, whatever kind of cars your recipient is into, you can have it printed on our custom printed t-shirt designs. All you need to do is upload the picture of the car onto our online design tool and you can have the picture to complete the t-shirt design templates that we have. This is how we do personalisation without much hassle at Printcious. And also we're saving you from an exhausting gift hunting to the shops in Malaysia. You're welcome.

Oh, talking about car accessories and decorations, you might want to give our cute decorative mini tees a chance since you can have it designed in any way you want. So, let's say you're doing this gift shopping for a car owner with a child, this will be the perfect gift. Just imagine how cute it would be for the mini tees to be dangling on the windows of their car as they drive around town in Malaysia. Trust us, it's what they would've wanted for their car. So come and get the wonderful Christmas gifts for your local car lovers and owners in Malaysia. Shop with us now!

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