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Here's How to Get the Best Designs for Ceramic Photo Tiles in New Zealand


If you're looking for what's trendy in the world of unique photo gifts in New Zealand, it had to be ceramic tiles. We're sure you're thinking about floor or wall tiles right now and you know what? You're absolutely right. It's that kind of ceramic tiles, except that you can decorate with a more special and unique designs rather than just uniform pattern that they have in furniture stores in New Zealand.

Whether you want it for your own home or you want to make it as the perfect gifts for someone special in New Zealand (something for your romantic 1st anniversary gifts maybe?), you can take a look around our website for some of the most beautiful pre-made designs by our in-house designers. Keep in mind that these designs are just templates that you can fill with your own personal touch. And our tiles come in two shapes (square ceramic picture tiles for Instagram-like pictures and rectangular ceramic tiles for photos from wide screen cameras), just for you to choose accordingly. After all, you know better on which one to choose to fit your space and vision for the decoration.

Looking to replace those old photo frames in your home in New Zealand with something more classy and glossy? Well, print your photos on our custom printed ceramic photo tiles. At Printcious NZ, you can choose to upload your photo on our customisable design templates or just create your own designs just because you can. Oh, you definitely can do that with our online design tool. So, what are you waiting for? Browse for endless possibilities now!

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