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Keep Your Favourite Photo in New Zealand Close to Heart with Necklaces


A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture can store so much emotions and memories. Which is why you have favourite pictures among those pictures you took in New Zealand and you treasure them. So, as you keep love inside of a photograph, why not keep that photograph inside of a love shaped pendant necklace and proudly wear your favourite moment around your neck and keep it close to your heart? You can most definitely make it a reality with Printcious NZ because we carry quite a number of selections when it comes to personalised necklaces with pendants.

Photographs are not the only thing you can have printed on these necklaces. You can have names and dates (and any texts) printed on them too. And not to mention, the uniqueness of the shape of our bone shaped jewellery necklaces. What a perfect gift for a dog lover, which could be anyone and everyone in New Zealand, because who would hate cute dogs and bone shaped items. Honestly, what girl would reject such a cute gift?

Oh, that reminds us to the fact that our necklaces aren't just for girls. You will find the best gifts for men to be one of our unique engraved dog tags. Engrave the necklace with his name and date of birth or if the he in question is your boyfriend in New Zealand, maybe you could make him and yourself a pair of matching couple necklaces with both of your names printed on it with that cheesy heart sign in between the two names. See, now you have the perfect matching couple items.

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