Get Your Custom Fridge Magnets & Photo Magnet Printing


Spruce your kitchen or other magnetic surfaces with our exclusive custom magnet printing in the Philippines. As a kid, we've always had been fascinated with a fridge as it is filled with numerous magnets as moms seem to love them so much. Now, Printcious brings forward to you a collection of fridge magnet printing which will make your entire household happy plus mom too!

Get the personalized photo magnets for your fridge

The standard round magnet bores you? No worries; as in Printcious, we have the best photo magnets with different shapes for you in the Philippines. Choose from our oval magnet up to our love shaped magnet in which you personalize with your own photo or text. Why not print each magnet with your family members' photo? They are certainly going to be delighted!

Different magnets for different purposes

You may need a different magnet for different purposes. Let's say you wish to gift your recipient something for her wedding in the Philippines, you can customise our custom wedding magnet to express your wishes. You can also create a save a date magnet for your bestie's wedding which is just around the corner as a gift for her.

In fact, personalized magnets are a great way for you to leave an impression and create a long-lasting impact on your brand and business. As you personalized them with your company's logo or details for your event, this is a small yet effective promoting tool that you can use to create your brand awareness. Printcious is one of the best magnet suppliers for your corporate event, parties or functions. Look no further as we provide the best custom magnets with a high-quality printing for your business in the Philippines.

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