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Create Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles in Saudi Arabia

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  • A5 - 80 pcs (21cm x 15cm) / 8.3" x 5.9"
  • A4 - 120 pcs (28cm x 20cm) / 11.0" x 7.9"
  • A3 - 300 pcs (39cm x 28cm) / 15.4" x 11.0"
  • A2 - 500 pcs (50cm x 38cm) / 19.7" x 15.0"

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Graphic Tee x 2
Throw Pillows x 2
Puzzles (Rectangle) x 1
$ 58.00
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Graphic Tee x 2
Colour Mugs x 2
$ 28.00
You save $ 54.00 (-66%)


Did you know that doing jigsaw puzzles can strengthen both sides of the brain at the same time? This is because assembling jigsaw puzzle uses logic to sort out and arrange the pieces; and creativity to see the bigger picture which is the outcome. Both logic and creativity are represented by our left side and right side of the brain respectively.

Playing jigsaw puzzles are beneficial for all age groups. It can improve motor skills in children and decrease chances of old age problems like memory loss in adults. Hence why we create an opportunity for you to design your own jigsaw puzzle in Saudi Arabia. Choose a detailed picture to be printed on jigsaw puzzle for adults while a simple colorful image is more appropriate for kids. We have our own online DIY design tools that could be your jigsaw puzzle maker. Solving a jigsaw puzzle quest is an excellent way to connect with your family so now you don't have an excuse not to spend time with your family in Saudi Arabia.

Other than making puzzle games as a hobby, you can also treat it as a gift. Gift it for your grandpa as a birthday gift for him and he can solve the puzzles to fill his free time. Create a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle online with Printcious and make it a surprise for your wife on your wedding anniversary in Saudi Arabia.

We provide quite a number of design templates for jigsaw puzzles ready to be used. You can edit the designs to add photos and texts to make a customized jigsaw puzzle. If you you're your design of your own, you can simply upload it through our DIY design toolkit. Printcious caters to all age groups and occasions so explore our collection of gifts that and start gift-giving in Saudi Arabia now.

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