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Put Meanings into Gifts: Engravings on Wooden Items in Singapore


You know how Printcious Singapore is always innovative when it comes to ways to make special personalised photo gifts? Well, lo and behold our newest way to print your favourite photos: engravings on wooden photo slate.

Intriguing, isn't it? How would that even work? But you best believe us that it would work in ways you wouldn't expect but you would definitely love this. Especially if you're into that monochrome aesthetic. Don't deny it, you actually love the monochrome, black and white filter. Why else would you be using that filter all the time when you post pictures online on your social media accounts? So, why not make it physical and real instead of just in the virtual world? Print your favourite photo with your loved ones in Singapore on our carved “Love Forever” wooden photo tripods.

And we don't just stop there at wooden photo slates. As per usual, Printcious always take it up a notch and prepare two more functional options for you. Which are our custom made wooden coat hangers and decorative wooden drink coasters. So, in case you find our photo frames to be a rather useless decorations for your home in Singapore (although, it's really not), you can have pictures of texts engraved onto wooden hangers for your wardrobe and coasters for your table.

As you already know, of course we have a few design templates ready for you to customise but you are always welcome to create your own engraved gifts at Printcious Singapore. So, browse around our website right now to shop for the best gifts today!

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