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Design Your Own Cushion Case with Printcious in Thailand


Printcious caters to your demands. Think of having a cuddly pillow of your own design? Of course you can! Our cushion pillows are not only comfortable, but they come with high quality colour printing as well so we can assure you true and rich colours. Furthermore, Printcious provides long-lasting cushion pillows of various shapes and sizes to suit your needs in Thailand.

Our rectangle cushion pillow is perfect as bed pillows for your little princess in Thailand. Using her favourite colours, design a pair of cushion pillow covers and insert her name or monogram into her pillow design. Not only can you insert texts into your design, personal photos or any other images can also be added into the design. If she likes mermaids or unicorns, then input the particular images to be printed on her personalized pillow cases.

Perhaps your best friend has just bought a new car in Thailand and she wants something to accessorize her car. The perfect choice would be a cushion pillow for car. For a graceful lady like her, our heart-shaped cushion pillow suits her well. It can be a cute addition to the car but it can also be a comfy companion for a long drive in Thailand.

So your brother has graduated and has just gotten an office job in Thailand? Congratulate him with a gift that you designed yourself. Create a cool cushion pillow design for your bro and let him use it for his office chair. This custom made office cushion pillow would really brighten up his workplace. Plus, our square cushion pillow would also be great as a gift for graduation.

In search of the best wedding gifts in Thailand? Just customise our decorative throw pillows and it would be a fantastic wedding gift. Do you know that our throw pillows can be printed on both sides? Perfect as sofa cushions! Personalize and place an order today.