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Customizable Gifts for Bridesmaids in Thailand

There are various ways in which you can make everything come true for someone, it could be a simple gesture in the way that you present or design your gift. The way you smile each and every time you see them. Just because they're bridesmaids, it doesn't mean that the pressure's on them to get married soon after. Everyone has their own path to happiness.

ค้าหาของขวัญ for Bridesmaids





Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles (Square)
฿ 129.30
Ceramic Tiles (Square)
฿ 129.30
Ceramic Tiles (Rectangle)
฿ 153.50
Ceramic Tiles (Rectangle)
฿ 153.50

Button Badges

Button Badges
(Magnetic Opener)

฿ 106.70



You'd want all the smiles that you can get, not because you're an avid smile collector but because happy moments look even better with people smiling in them. Making your wedding photos shine brighter than any other couples you've seen before. You can start doing so in the simplest manner through gifts made just for them. A cute custom coaster that looks pretty to have and even more so to have on the table. A personalized ceramic art of their most liked photo on Instagram will probably be something that she'd want to placed either on her work desk or perhaps even on her wall of photos at home in Thailand.

The one who keeps the bride's nerves in check, and even when she just wanted to run away from it all, her bridesmaid reasoned with her and reminded her of how many of them would give the world to be in her shoes right now. They kept her steady and pushed through, for her first step into finding her own happiness. Get them beautiful canvas art print to showcase the beautiful person that she is, because without her, you'd still be single in Thailand.

Break it off. Not the engagement nor the wedding but the worries and anxiety of all the bad things that might've or could've happen to you. Despite all of your worries, there was someone who was beside you through all those tough times, when you're about to leave your entire family and start a family of your own. Appreciate the ones that helped you along the journey with our cute t shirt which may not seem like much but it's a memory that she'll cherish for the rest of her life in Thailand. Browse through our unique gift collection and let your bridesmaid feel appreciated with your sweet gesture.


Ordered my own customized merchandise and printed them at Printcious. Love it!
Don't we all love to have our face or name on something? That feeling of exclusiveness when you receive your own gift!
Love this beautiful puzzle and magnet from Printcious. Thanks a lot!
Lets DIY a gift for your loved one at Printcious. Full of sentimental value when you customized it yourself.
Ordered a colour mug as a birthday gift and the person loves it very much!
Hamizah Adam
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