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It is said that “pictures fade and memories last forever”. However, that isn't altogether true as memories can also fade with age, for the older we get the harder it may be to recall certain things. Through the use of pictures and photographs, long forgotten memories can be uncovered. Therefore, preserve your important memories in Turkey with Printcious's custom tiles. Our high printing quality will reproduce every minute detail of your photo so that nothing will obscure your recollections.

Besides that, Printcious's photo tiles can be customised to your preference through the use of our online design tool in Turkey. A typical photo frame wouldn't allow for any modifications, but our ceramic tiles can be modified with both pictures and text; Awesome, right? Furthermore, so as to provide you with the best fit for your photos, our picture tiles come in several shapes and sizes.

For a photo that contains a large number of people or things, consider getting our rectangular tile. The added breadth will do wonders for the quality of your photo. On the other hand, our square tile will look great for couple photos as the picture won't be abnormally stretched to the side causing the picture to look odd and unappealing.

Thus, surprise your anne with a personalized tile for your mother as a gift for this year's Anneler Günü. Upload her favourite family photo onto our site and design it with loving messages aimed at bringing a smile out of her. If a good friend of yours is into scenic photographs portraying the natural beauty of Turkey, get them a nature-themed printed ceramic tile of their favourite scenery. Your thoughtful gift will surely be loved.

Printcious's tiles can also be purchased in bulk for business or personal use in Turkey. Our full color heat transfer printing and top grade glossy finish will ensure a high quality reproduction of your pictures or designs.

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