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DIY Picture Coasters in Turkey

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Tables aren't cheap. What's more, the process of finding the perfect table for your kitchen, dining room or living room isn't as easy task. So once you've managed to find the ideal table for your home in Turkey, great care is needed to maintain its original condition. However, a problem arises when friends and family come to visit. To quench their thirst and to be a good host, you serve them cold drinks. Their glasses, whether empty or half full are then placed onto your precious table, creating a water ring that ruins your table's aesthetic.

Avoid such incidences in Turkey with Printcious's personalised coasters. Your table won't only be stain-free, but it'll be aesthetically pleasing too. For a complementary look, get our round coasters for your mugs, cups and glasses that have a round base. Prefer a blocky look instead? Then get our square coasters for a contrasting effect.

Everyone needs a pick-me-up every now or then. Though, the stimulant of choice differs from person to person. Surprise your guests in Turkey with motivational drink coasters or keep calm-themed beverage coasters. The drink will slake their thirst, but the inspirational message on your custom coaster will uplift their spirit and inspire them to succeed their ambitions.

Got an artistic side to you that's just waiting to burst out? Unleash your creativity with your own artistic coaster design, where the only limitation is your imagination. If you're a fan of witty jokes and hilarious memes, create your own funny glass coaster at Printcious. You can utilise our online design tool in Turkey to upload comical images and jokes that will then be printed onto your custom photo coaster.

Printcious's DIY picture coasters aren't just practical for your home in Turkey, they look good too. How good do they look? Well, that's all up to you. You're the designer, so get on designing!

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