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Decorative Cushions and Pillows in Turkey


Cushions have various uses. You can hug them, use them as pillows when sleeping, support your back with them, support your stomach with them (we know you do) and even use them for decorations. As Printcious' cushion collection in Turkey come in various shapes and sizes, you'll be sure to find the right one for you.

Our cushions come in three forms; rectangle, square and love. For a pillow-like use, select our rectangle white cushion pillows. For a more classic look, a stylish square sofa couch cushion is the answer. If you'd like your cushion to be a bit more unique, choose our heart-shaped cool colourful cushions. Though, no matter the shape, all of Printcious' cushions in Turkey are pleasant to the eyes and to the touch, as the fluffy cushions are encased in wondrous artistic designs that invoke laughter and joy to all.

What's the difference between our cushions and pillows in Turkey, you ask? Well it all comes down to coverage. The printing on our decorative throw pillows cover the entire surface area, whereas for our cushions only the centre is printed. Whether you want to have a pillow that's completely covered with your design or you'd like for the image to be tastefully located in just the middle of the cushion, it's all up to you. We just provide the options, the decision however is yours to make.

You might think that giving a cushion as a present in Turkey is weird. Yet, there actually isn't much of a difference between cushions and plush toys. You can even think of cushions as an adult version of plush toys, because like plush toys they are for hugging and decoration. Although, unlike plush toys that are more suited for children, cushions are perfect for both adults and children alike. So, whether you choose to get plush kids pillows or newborn baby pillows, it'll be suitable for all.

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