Order Your Corporate Gifts & Premium Gifts in Bulk
Order Your Corporate Gifts & Premium Gifts in Bulk

Order Your Corporate Gifts & Premium Gifts in Bulk

Get the best bulk discounts on our selection of products and free consultation today.

Clothing HOT
(Round Neck T-Shirts, Microfiber Shirts, Polo T-Shirts...)
From HK$ 14.30
Drinkwares HOT
(Ceramic Mugs, Magic Mugs, Auto Mugs & Travel Mugs...)
From HK$ 3.20
Bags HOT
(Non woven Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags...)
From HK$ 2.70
Identities HOT
(Lanyards, ID Cards & PVC Cards, Lanyard Card Holders...)
From HK$ 1.80
Buttons and Badges HOT
(Safety Pin Badges, Opener Badges, Magnetic Badges...)
From HK$ 1.60
(Plastic Pens, Metal Pens, Pen Boxes...)
From HK$ 3.60
(Magnets, Notebooks, Mousepads...)
From HK$ 7.10
(Umbrellas 21inch, Umbrellas 24inch, Umbrellas 30inch)
From HK$ 16.10
(Power Banks, USB Flash Drives, Wireless Charger...)
From HK$ 8.90
(Wooden Keychains, PU Leather Keychains, Acrylic Keychains...)
From HK$ 6.30
Display System
(Roll Up Buntings, Banners, Beach Flag Banners)
From HK$ 35.70
Cushions HOT
(Throw Pillows, Square Cushions, Long Pillows)
From HK$ 26.80
Sport Accessories
(Wristbands, Clappers, Hand Fans...)
From HK$ 3.60
(Flyers, Bookmarks, Stickers...)
From HK$ 0.90
Wall Decors
(Canvases, Puzzles, Photo Frames)
From HK$ 14.30
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Corporate gifts are an excellent way to build brand recognition, create repeat customers and increase sales from your target audience. To ensure that your business stand out from your competitors; it is important that you do not take your marketing initiatives as a one-time thing. To establish yourself as a company that goes above and beyond in their service offering, it is important that you make sure people can't forget about your business. Giving your current or potential clients personalized products is one of the most effective ways of doing so; who wouldn't want something unique with their company's logo on it?

Ordering customised corporate gifts, premium gifts or door gifts in bulk has never been easier for your marketing campaign or annual dinner. Finding the perfect business gifts with logo printing matters to us where you are coming from either private business, public corporation, educational organization, or government agency. We are here to provide an excellent custom gift & promotional product printing service. Our moral is understanding the identity of every client with their specific concept before transforming it into customized corporate gifts in Singapore.

As of today, we have provided our corporate gift ideas and premium gift printing services to some of the most renowned companies including Facebook, Youtube, FedEx, HP, Alibaba, Google, Boost, Carousell, Dahmakan, GoCar, Magnum, StoreHub, Exabytes, Supply Cart, Kaodim and BookDoc.

Corporate Gifts Ideas to Impress Your Customers, VIPs and Members

Giving a gift has long been a thoughtful way of showing appreciation or creating goodwill. By giving your customers a personalized corporate gift, you show that you care about them. Through gifting they will also be able to see how much you value them as well as their business. A corporate gift is also very useful for generating business leads and driving traffic back to your site. When your customers get something from you, they'll think of your company whenever they use it. If what you're giving is more creative, memorable or simply useful enough for them use daily in their work, then it's time for some brainstorming!

1) Promote Your Corporate Events by Using Lanyard With Card Holder

The Lanyard - If you're hosting an event or marketing a specific brand of products at a trade show or a similar venue, it is essential to find ways to make people remember your company or your wares. Promoting your presence at such events with printed lanyard with card holder is just one way that you can do so. An option that many companies have been turning towards lately is lanyard printing as a way of boosting their visibility at such shows. If you wish to learn more about lanyard printing as well as other means of promoting your company effectively in such situations, keep reading for some useful tips on how you can use such ideas for promotional purposes.

2) Affordable Giveaway With Button Badges

Handing out company giveaways like button badges is a great way to promote your brand at little cost. Sure, these trinkets are small but they're cheap enough that you can afford to give them away liberally. That means that each time an employee wears a badge you can be sure that at least some of their colleagues will notice it. These minor interactions between customers and employees help spread word of mouth advertising. So even if they don't buy anything when they first see your company name it will stick in their mind for next time they need what you sell.

3) Increase Your Sales Conversion With Unique Logo Mugs

Give your customers a gift that's both functional and memorable. Coffee mugs & water bottles are one of the most useful gifts you can give because they're used every day. Whether it's coffee in their morning or tea before bed, people use mugs on a daily basis. Give them something they'll love using while they think about your brand! This makes a great gift for co-workers or clients as well because it doubles as an advertising tool. Include your logo and slogan on each mug you give out so people can use it all year long without having to look at an advertisement every time they reach for their coffee or tea. The best part is you don't have to print anything yourself!

4) Cool Premium Corporate Gifts With Mouse pad Printing

Mousepad printing is a perfect corporate gifts idea for employee recognition or as rewards. Your brand can be imprinted on a mouse pad that also has other useful features, like wrist support or ergonomic design. From laptops to desktops and from older computers to mobile devices—they're used by nearly every employee at some point during their day. A simple yet thoughtful gesture can boost morale in your office environment

5) Wear Your Corporate T-shirts or Uniform For Team Unity

Sometimes all your employees need is a reminder of their common purpose. Whether you call it team unity or just spirit day, bringing your team together on an occasional basis allows them to interact with each other in a fun setting. Do it! And in addition to improving employee relations, you'll be showing customers that your staff is united in one important way—they work for your company. The lesson? Wear your corporate t-shirts or uniform for team unity day! It lets your customers know that you are unified as a company; they want consistent reliable service, and can depend on seeing familiar faces when they come in. It also gives potential new customers reassurance that existing clients are happy with services provided by your business.

6) Why Buy From Printcious Gifts (M) Sdn Bhd For Wide Range of Corporate Premium Gifts in Malaysia, Singapore Australia, Hong Kong & Worldwide?

From unique corporate gifts, premium gifts, promotional items or door gifts, you name it. Get them printed today at Printcious - customised corporate gift supplier, we guarantee competitive pricing, high quality corporate gifts, fast delivery, ready stock and 100% customer satisfaction. We deliver worldwide. Browse our huge range of corporate gifts such as key chains, power banks, umbrellas, PVC cards etc. Get quote and let our customer service to serve you soon.

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