Deck Your Fridge with Your Custom Fridge Magnets


Stick your message with our cool magnet for your fridge. Highly customisable; we offer a range of custom fridge magnets for you to peruse. With an exceptional quality printing, you are in for more surprises when you create your own custom magnet with us. Order one today.

The best fridge for your kitchen

Fridges are a commonly used household appliance in all major countries including Hong Kong and this can be your opportunity to show your love towards your family by having a personalised magnet for your kitchen. Let everyone in your family get impressed with your own magnet fridge. With our special photo magnet available in our store, you can print your family photo on the magnet.

Decorate your fridge with photo fridge magnet available with our store wherever you are in Hong Kong. You can customise ready-made magnet or start creating your own custom fridge magnets by choosing our selection of magnets that come in different sizes and shapes. Thus, have fun perusing our store for more high-end magnet designs that surely will make you swoon with delight.

The magnet with specific purposes

Make it easy for your mom to remember any special dates in Hong Kong. You can order save the date magnet with Printcious and help her mark and remember important dates. You can customise your magnets to show your personal creativity and make it easy for your mom to take note of any important things by choosing our templates or use our tools to help create her a perfect magnet.

Surprise your loved one living away from you in other parts of Hong Kong. Send them a personalised fridge magnet that is created online with our free editor tool with the photo of your loved one printed on it and embed special message for them. Showcase your love and spread happiness with your creativity.

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