Make Your Own Photo Puzzle in Hong Kong

Create Your Own Photo Puzzle in Hong Kong

Your board game night will never be the same again as we are going to offer you the best board game that you can play with your loved ones, friends and family. Have a fun board game night with a unique and personal touch to it by creating your own jigsaw puzzle.

Make Tradition a Celebration

Family get together, game night or any other functions will be boring without some creative games to play. As board game night is one of the traditions practised by many homes in Hong Kong, there's nothing more alluring than having a jigsaw puzzle that you can customise with almost anything.

Spice up your next game night with only the best puzzle from Printcious. Be the creative one in the family and let everyone enjoy your custom jigsaw puzzle made with a whimsical photo of your family or text.

Visit our page to make your own jigsaw puzzle with our free online editor tool. You can be creative with the use of photos and text that are related to your family or friends. Let your loved ones enjoy bonding and solving the mystery of the puzzle.

You can not only use the jigsaw puzzle game for your family but gift someone who is celebrating their special day. Printcious gives you the option to create your photo puzzle in Hong Kong and we deliver the gift to your friend anywhere in Hong Kong.

Gift Custom Puzzle as a Keepsake

Fancy a game night in Hong Kong with your loved ones? Enjoy a fun yet romantic game night with our love shaped personalised puzzle that you can personalise with her photo or your couple's beautiful photo together. You can also customise a personal message for her. Be it for any celebrations or precious occasions, our puzzle can be customised to suit your purposes. She is surely in for a complete surprise when she puts the pieces of the photo puzzle together.

Printcious brings this unique feature of a personalised jigsaw puzzle as you have the option to customise them with our online editor. Our products are made from best quality materials which ensure that your photo can be preserved forever.

You can be the master of creating your own creative gifts and let your family and friends enjoy receiving this precious gift. Create a puzzle today and we will have your gifts delivered to your friend anywhere in Hong Kong and let him or her feel special.

Custom Puzzles for Birthdays

There's nothing better than seeing a smile on someone's face when they open a gift you've chosen special. But let's be honest: How many times have you bought something (because it was cute, or because it was cheap) only to realize that—aside from being less-than-stellar—it has no sentimental value? What if there were a better way? Printcious can help with that.

We offer custom print puzzles—in any theme, and at every price point. These puzzles are beautiful pieces of art worthy of framing. Your loved ones will cherish them for years to come. And best of all, creating one is simple! You just upload your photos, pick which size puzzle you want, and we'll do all the rest! No hassle or fuss required; just smiles guaranteed!

Create Customised Puzzle as Anniversary Gifts

No matter how many years you've been married, there is still one major milestone left to commemorate. That's right: anniversary gifts! Make your wife (or husband) feel special with a personalised gift and take her mind off that empty box under your bed. Printcious can make custom puzzles based on any theme or idea you have so she'll never see it coming!

All we need is an idea of what you want to represent—whether it be travel, pets, family—and we'll design a beautiful custom puzzle just for your occasion. If creativity isn't really your thing, you can always check out our ready-made options, just put in the message and alter some parts to make it personal then you are done. It doesn't get easier than that!

As soon as they are printed and they will be delivered straight to your door within 4 - 8 days, all that's left is some assembly...but don't worry; we've included easy-to-follow instructions in every order. Order now before they sell out!

Make Personalised Puzzles for Family Reunions

Puzzle holidays can be a lot of fun, but if you're looking to give your loved ones a truly personalised gift that shows you care, consider custom puzzles. This is an especially great idea if your family members are scattered across different states or countries and don't get to see each other as often as they would like.

It also works well for any occasion with a theme—from weddings and new babies to birthdays and graduation parties. In fact, it can be difficult to find traditional presents when someone already has everything they could possibly want; that's why customised puzzles are a great option. Instead of settling for generic gifts, you can create something unique just for them.

Simply gather photos from events or milestones they will remember forever and combine them with their name or a special message printed right on top. You can even add extra characters to include nicknames and inside jokes between friends or families. ​We provide high-quality materials guaranteed to last long past.

Graduation Gifts for Students

Whether it's a family member, a colleague or just a friend, everyone has been to at least one graduation party in their lifetime. As memorable as they are, though, there's always something missing: nothing is better than getting together with friends and family to celebrate another person's accomplishments but actually giving someone who you love something that commemorates their big day is even better.

By taking advantage of custom puzzles from Printcious, you can give someone you care about something they will cherish forever: an intricate and colourful creation that captures exactly what makes them special. It's easy to do and we have everything you need. Just browse our catalogue of completed designs and create a personalised puzzle today!

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