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Power Banks
From S$ 11.00
USB Flash Drives
From S$ 5.10
Wireless Charger
From S$ 5.60
USB Speakers
From S$ 7.60
Wireless Earphones
From S$ 8.50
Travel Adapters
From S$ 6.20
4 Port USB Hub
From S$ 6.20
Humidifier With Night Light
From S$ 5.60
Mobile Foldable Stand
From S$ 5.40
Multicable 3 in 1 Retractable
From S$ 3.90
USB Adapters
From S$ 3.40
LED Torchlight keychains
From S$ 1.40
From S$ 2.30
Table Clocks
From S$ 2.50
Phone Stands
From S$ 1.40
USB Fans
From S$ 1.70
Handy Mini Fans
From S$ 4.20