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Material Nylon
Overall Length Approximately 93cm
Width 15mm & 20mm
Printing Method Full Color Heat Transfer
Accessories Clip or Hook
Attachments Buckle & Handphone String
Add-ons ID Card Holder
Finishing Clamp or Button

Accessories & Attachments

Add-ons : ID Card Holder

Difference between Silkscreen Printing & Full Color Heat Transfer Printing


  • Solid color only without gradient.
  • Multiple layers for additional colors.
  • May look slightly pixelated even with high resolution artwork.
  • Printing may crack and peel over time.
  • Suitable for events, temporary staff, etc. Very cost effective.

Heat Transfer

  • Digitally printed with sublimation heat transfer.
  • No limitation on colors and design.
  • Sharp printing which makes smaller texts readable.
  • Long lasting print that won't fade, crack, run or fade over time.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor and for corporate company.

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Lanyards were originally made for the military, to keep military personnel from losing important items like pistols. Nowadays, custom printed lanyards are a really popular accessory choice because not only do they allow you to display your ID card and keep it attached to your body at all times, but they can also turn into a fashion statement with a huge variety of colours and designs available. Regardless of what you're trying to do, lanyards can easily be worn with almost any attire, it's just that flexible, making it the go to accessory that is not only beautiful but also a functional corporate branded gifts. So if you're targeting a huge variety of customers you can never go wrong with lanyards. With zero MOQ you can easily order as much as you want be it a single, double or even triple digits. You won't have any constraints so just order the exact amount that you want.

Just focus on creating the best logo, brand, event details, mascot or even artwork and we'll keep it as captivating as you've designed it with our digital high resolution printing that will make even the smallest of texts readable and our long lasting print won't crack or fade over time. You can choose in between nylon or polyester, both of which comes with a standard metal clip and O-ring that you can get your ID, access card or even keys safely hung over your neck. Whether you're organising corporate events, product launchings, birthday parties or etc. you can get your guests the ultimate gift whilst promoting your logo, brand or even artwork integrated into our backdrop or green screen. Your guests will only have to go through 3 simple steps, namely get their picture taken in the photoshoot, we'll get them printed on your choice of product and just collect their very own special personalised merchandise at our booth. All of which is done within and during the event itself.

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