Customised Pillow Singapore & Sofa Cushions

Enjoy The Comfort of Our Customised Pillows & Cushions in Singapore

Spending quality time in your home means to have a day of relaxation and enjoying a sweet sensation of quality sleep. And we at Printcious will help you feel extra comfy and cosy with our ranges of the exceptional customised pillows & cushions in Singapore.

As customer's satisfaction is our main priority, we are going to take your expectation one step further as we invite you to create your own cushion cover. Order them today and get the customised cushions delivered to your home in Singapore. This personalised cushion also can be used as a sleeping pillow which would be perfect for any type of sleeping position from stomach sleepers to a side sleeper.

There's nothing better than to wake up feeling refresh after a great good night sleep every morning. Let our cool customised pillow in Singapore be a perfect companion for your bed. You can choose to embed a funny photo or even motivational quotes to cheer you up. For those who have a stiff neck this cushion act as a comfortable pillow that does relieve pressure and eases neck aches.

We Offer Different Kinds of Pillows

If you fancy a different kind of cushion, our custom cushions cover come in different shapes and sizes that can look funny with some love messages printed on them. Check out our rectangle cushion cover that will bring art and flair to your humble abode in Singapore and will look extraordinary in living rooms.

Do you know that our special love cushion cover is one-of-a-kind cushion that is designed specially to evoke romantic feelings with you and your loved ones? This adorable cushion comes in different vibrant colours that you can choose from and with our online design tools, you may design your own love cushion with complete ease.

You can buy photo printed cushion covers from us in which you can embed your favourite or whimsical photo onto it. Whatever your choice may be, you have the total control to customise the cover with your requirements. Thus, gift this adorable gift to your friends or loved one for their special occasion.

Express Your Personality with Custom Pillow

Custom printing on cushions gives you a blank canvas for expressing your personality and creating something special. With an infinite number of colours and graphics available, there are no limits to what you can do.

Pillow cases make for great photo backdrops, place mats add character and cushions make unique presents. No matter how you decide to decorate with your cushion covers, it's sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

Printcious helps you bring your imagination to life with custom printed cushions in Singapore at affordable prices. Our website also allows you to choose from thousands of designs or upload your own personal photos and designs. This ensures that all our customers receive a one-of-kind piece of work that is truly theirs. We are sure that you might have come across numerous types of pillows such as a memory foam pillow, a cooling gel pillow, a contour shape pillow, ergonomic pillows, silk pillows, 100 natural latex pillows and so on. But, we guarantee you custom pillow at Printcious is the most unique and the perfect gift you are looking for.

Get inspired by Your Surrounding

Browse through our gallery now to find inspiration and see which prints would suit your home best. We have everything from geometric patterns to beautiful animal portraits ready for printing on pillows, cushions, blankets and even wall art!

Regardless of whether you want something fun or fancy looking, Printcious can help bring any design idea into reality; just browse through our selection of products today. If you have any questions about our range of custom pillows in Singapore then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Promote Your Business with Custom Pillow

When you think of promotional items, you probably think of keychains and pens. Those are still great, but there's more out there than ever before. Make use of promo items as a way to express your brand's personality and make people smile at work. Give custom cushions from Printcious as giveaways for different kinds of events or campaigns—or even just give them out every week to your employees! It'll be a small gesture that helps create more camaraderie in your workplace.

Looking for marketing inspiration? Check out our designs on our Printcious website! You might find something you like. Whether it's custom-made pillows or round coasters, company gifts can be fun ways to spread awareness about your business. They're also cheap enough so that you don't have to spend too much time fretting over costs.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Custom Pillow

Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on. You could also be generous and give them away at your company anniversary or other related events. With a batch of 100 custom printed pillows, you could get 20 sets of co-workers and families that are happy to receive it as a birthday gift!

Giving out customized items is definitely an effective way to show off your appreciation for those in your life who support you. Imagine someone opening up his or her birthday present and seeing their name printed across it? Priceless! It would certainly make for an unforgettable moment, just like how your customers feel when they receive one of our high-quality customized cushions from you.

Give Presents with Custom Pillows

You have just found out you are pregnant, and with much excitement, you go ahead and purchase a new pillow. What is it made of? Is it comfortable? These are all questions that will be running through your mind when purchasing a new pillow for your baby's bed. You might even find yourself wondering what would make a good birthday present for my friend who loves reading?

Well, how about one of these amazing print cushions from Printcious! A unique cushion personalised with any photo or design! Think of how cool it would look on their sofa, especially if they love photography. And did I mention they won't ever forget who gave them such an awesome gift! Not only that but they won't know where to put their head on at night if they haven't got their new cushion by then too!

Make Memories with Our Pillow

It could also make a great wedding gift for your favourite couple. They may already have tons of blankets and sheets but you know what makes their heart go pitter patter - photos of each other! So why not surprise them both on their big day with matching cushions personalized with wonderful memories captured in time from years past. Come see our collection today!

Whether the cushion is created for the memento or keepsake, we also house a large selection of bulk cushion printing specifically for your promotional events. With our supreme quality printing, our cushion is a perfect giveaway item for marketing purposes. Create your unique giveaway items now. Visit our page at Printcious and place your order we will make sure it reaches its destination anywhere in Singapore.

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