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You can order bulk cushions for your promotional events, customers and VIPs. In our experience, it's a great appreciation gift to show how much you value their hard work and dedication. When you want to thank them for support, these customised cushion covers are a great way to do so.

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Buy Bulk Cushions to Appreciate Your Employee

Choosing the right employee appreciation can be difficult, especially if you have a large workforce and limited budget. With the help of bulk cushions, though, you can express your gratitude to all your employees while receiving valuable feedback on what they need and want from their work environment. Here's how!

Make Cushions Specifically for Them

Recognising an employee's hard work is often done through a thank you card or some other token. However, why not take it to another level by providing them with a theme-specific cushion that celebrates their achievements? This unique and impactful employee appreciation idea also allows employees to take pride in their company because it is likely to be seen by other people who come into contact with your business.

Include things like symbols of your company values and goals or fun branding elements on the cushions so that they can bring others closer to your business too. Choose bright colours if you want these cushions to attract attention!

Design Cushions for Them

You've got your employees' attention, so now it's time to design some custom cushions that will keep them there. No matter what company you work for, employee appreciation can be tricky. Of course, certain perks are easy. But when it comes to showing your staff how much they mean to you, sometimes you have to go a little extra mile. And what better way is there than by showing them just how important they are? With Printcious cushions, they can do just that.

Order Cushions in Bulk

You can order bulk cushions for your employees. In our experience, it's a great employee appreciation gift to show how much you value their hard work and dedication. When you want to thank an employee for their service, these customised cushion covers are a great way to do so.

You can choose from over 700 templates that have all kinds of designs that cater to all kinds of people and events, or you can customise one of your designs in under 5 minutes! Designing is quick and simple, as well as ordering - we guarantee safe delivery within 4 - 8 days. Our customer care team will be there every step of the way to answer any questions that you may have about the ordering process so do not hesitate to contact us with any queries!

Give Them to Employees

The best, most cost-effective way to give away something like a cushion is to buy in bulk and hand them out to employees for a company event. If your business has regular events or an Employee Appreciation Day, it's easy to incorporate items like these into your program. In fact, even if you don't have such a day, it's worth keeping some around just in case.

You never know when you might want something small like a cushion to show how much you appreciate your staff! I always think they're really versatile too - everyone uses cushions at work or home so you can use them to reward colleagues in every department of your company without needing to think about what type of person they are or what sort of gift they'd prefer.

Value Your Employee

Companies with engaged workers are more profitable and productive. Public recognition is a powerful way to connect with employees, thank them for their work, and encourage them to keep doing what they're doing. So create one now for your employees today!

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