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Opener Badges
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Quality Printing - Digital high resolution full color printing.

Quality Printing

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

Fast Delivery - Delivery within 3 - 5 working days only.

Fast Delivery

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you're in the business of marketing, your job can be pretty repetitive - you have to find new and creative ways to publicise your product or service every single day, which can get exhausting after awhile. But that doesn't mean you should be afraid to change things up from time to time! One of the most interesting ways to grab the attention of potential customers, aside from word-of-mouth recommendations, is by offering them customised merchandise tailored specifically to their needs and desires.

 How can I place a bulk order from Printcious?

Step 1: Submit the enquiry form online

Step 2: Receive quotation in WhatsApp or Email

Step 3: Make deposit payment

Step 4: Provide artwork & approve sample

Step 5: Begin production

Step 6: Delivery or self-collect

 What are Printcious's shipping options?

We deliver it directly by Aramex courier. Lalamove same day delivery service can also be arranged if within the KL / Selangor area.

 Is there a minimum purchase amount?

For bulk order, the minimum order quantity is 30 pcs. You may click here for more info to place order directly.

If quantity is above 30 pcs, you may visit to submit enquiry online for bulk discount.

 What kind of print quality can I expect from Printcious?

We are committed to providing the highest quality results for our clients.

However, it is important to remember that the final quality of the products will depend on the quality of the image you provide us with.

 What about the returns & refund?

We offer replacements and refunds for defective items in the event of a defect during shipping.

The return process is simple. Please take a picture of the defective items, then WhatsApp our sales consultant will do. Exchange shipping costs will be borne by us. The return policy is only valid for 14 days from the moment you receive it.

 How soon can I receive your products?

We are direct importer and do printing locally in Klang, Selangor. So we can guarantee FAST delivery to your door step.

Depends on your order quantity, normally after payment and sample are confirmed, all orders below 500 pcs will be shipped out within 4 - 8 working days for West Malaysia and 6 - 10 working days for East Malaysia.

 What are Printcous' payment terms?

For orders over RM 1,000, we will process the order after payment of the deposit. At least 70% deposit and 30% balance before delivery.

For orders under RM 1,000, we will process your order after full payment.

We accept payment by online funds transfer, cheques, cash deposit machine / ATM or credit card.

If have any questions, you may contact / WhatsApp us anytime. Hope to serve you soon. ^_^

 What types of fonts can I use in my design?

You can use whatever font in your design. If you design it with AI file, make sure you have created the out-lined for us.

 What is the optimal design resolution?

300 dpi is the optimal graphic resolution for printing. Any dpi less than this will result in poor print quality. The final printed product quality is determined by the file provided by customer.

 What format do I need to submit my design / artwork?

Our graphic team can handle most graphic files such as JPEG/PNG/AI/PSD/PDF files.

 I don`t have any ideas or artwork. Will Printcious design for me?

We do help customer to design their products for fee or for free depends on the design complexity and order quantity.

 Which color mode is appropriate?

Make sure your designs are in CMYK color mode. Using color mode or code in RGB or Pantone may cause color variations in the printed result.

If have any questions, you may contact / WhatsApp us anytime. Hope to serve you soon. ^_^
How to Order?
Send Enquiry <br />& Receive Quotation
Send Enquiry
& Receive Quotation
Make Payment
Make Payment
Provide Artwork <br/>& Approve Sample
Provide Artwork
& Approve Sample
Begin Production
Begin Production
Delivery or <br class="hidden-xs" />Self-Collect
Delivery or Self-Collect
Why Choose Us?
Direct Manufacturer - No more mark up price.

Direct Manufacturer
Lowest Guaranteed Price - If you find lower, let us know.

Lowest Guaranteed Price
Quality Printing - Digital high resolution full color printing.

Quality Printing
Fast Delivery - Delivery within 3 - 5 working days only.

Fast Delivery
Payment Info
  • For orders totaling RM 2,000 and below, we will proceed upon receipt of full payment.
  • For orders totaling RM 2,000 and above, a minimum 70% deposit will be required before production, with the remaining 30% balance due before delivery.
  • Express fee applies to rushed orders and fast shipping.
  • Sample photos / mockups will be sent via WhatsApp upon payment.
  • Payment methods accepted: online funds transfer, cash deposit machine, or cheque.
Shipping Info
  • Upon confirmation of the sample, production starts within the timeframe specified in the quotation.
  • Orders are shipped through couriers and typically delivered within 3-5 business days.
  • For same-day delivery within a 50km radius of Klang city, we can arrange a Lalamove delivery.
  • The shipping fee is calculated based on delivery address, lead time, weight etc.
  • The customer bears any extra customs fees for overseas delivery, and no refunds are offered.

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Buy Bulk Opener Badges to Give Out as a Unique Marketing Merchandise

What is an Opener Badge?

If you're after a high-quality piece of merchandise for a conference, event or meetup, then opener badges are an excellent option. They're practical and useful items that are guaranteed to go down well with any audience!

You can choose from over a dozen shapes and sizes, so all you need to do is select your shape, colour and print (where applicable) from our website. With lots of options available, it will be easy to create original opener badges that fit your brand perfectly. Need some inspiration?

Take a look at our ready-made templates here, which we designed specifically with businesses in mind!

How to Use it in Digital Marketing?

Business merchandise is a popular way to represent your brand and if you want something that's different from simple pens or notebooks, opener badges can be a great choice.

They're big, bold and instantly recognisable, especially when worn on a lanyard around your neck. But how do they work? You might expect them to open bottles of beer but in fact they were designed with a completely different use in mind: marking sales leads!

These handy tools are used by staff members and telemarketers alike, who wear them around their necks to separate people who are already interested from those who still need some convincing.

Simply write ‘hot prospect' on a label and attach it to an ‘interested but not ready' badge - everyone wearing one will have been identified as someone worth talking to at length about your business services or products.

Why are Opener Badges Better than Traditional Ad Format?

Traditional advertising options such as billboards, print ads and online banners can be expensive and time-consuming to implement. That's why more businesses are turning to opener badges, also known as key rings.

These promotional giveaways offer a much more affordable way of raising brand awareness, reaching new customers and increasing sales. Not only that but they can easily be implemented straight away and don't require any extra resources or employees. So what exactly are opener badges?

They're shaped like bottle openers - in other words, they have a thin handle with a circular cutout on one side where you can place an image or logo of your choice.

The name opener badge comes from their original purpose: giving people something handy to use when opening bottles at social events.

Why is it a Good Choice for Merchandising?

The internet is a fast-paced, ever-changing world that can be hard to navigate for new customers and business owners alike.

These days it's important to stand out from your competitors online and by using unique marketing merchandise you can accomplish just that.

These are also great items if you're looking to reward clients who have bought certain products or signed up for your mailing list. Try browsing through our range of designer opener badges today!

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