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Quality Printing - Digital high resolution full color printing.

Quality Printing

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

Fast Delivery - Delivery within 3 - 5 working days only.

Fast Delivery

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Hey there! If you are looking to promote your event by decorating with custom-made flaglines, then you will be surprised by how fast and easy it can be to get the perfect flaglines that you need to promote your event. All you have to do is send us your idea and we will create exactly what you want in no time at all. Our bulk orders service makes it easy to get custom-made flaglines of any size or colour to use at big events like weddings, parties, exhibitions, and many more.

 How can I place a bulk order from Printcious?

Step 1: Submit the enquiry form online

Step 2: Receive quotation in WhatsApp or Email

Step 3: Make deposit payment

Step 4: Provide artwork & approve sample

Step 5: Begin production

Step 6: Delivery or self-collect

 What are Printcious's shipping options?

We deliver it directly by Aramex courier. Lalamove same day delivery service can also be arranged if within the KL / Selangor area.

 Is there a minimum purchase amount?

For bulk order, the minimum order quantity is 30 pcs. You may click here for more info to place order directly.

If quantity is above 30 pcs, you may visit to submit enquiry online for bulk discount.

 What kind of print quality can I expect from Printcious?

We are committed to providing the highest quality results for our clients.

However, it is important to remember that the final quality of the products will depend on the quality of the image you provide us with.

 What about the returns & refund?

We offer replacements and refunds for defective items in the event of a defect during shipping.

The return process is simple. Please take a picture of the defective items, then WhatsApp our sales consultant will do. Exchange shipping costs will be borne by us. The return policy is only valid for 14 days from the moment you receive it.

 How soon can I receive your products?

We are direct importer and do printing locally in Klang, Selangor. So we can guarantee FAST delivery to your door step.

Depends on your order quantity, normally after payment and sample are confirmed, all orders below 500 pcs will be shipped out within 4 - 8 working days for West Malaysia and 6 - 10 working days for East Malaysia.

 What are Printcous' payment terms?

For orders over RM 1,000, we will process the order after payment of the deposit. At least 70% deposit and 30% balance before delivery.

For orders under RM 1,000, we will process your order after full payment.

We accept payment by online funds transfer, cheques, cash deposit machine / ATM or credit card.

If have any questions, you may contact / WhatsApp us anytime. Hope to serve you soon. ^_^

 What types of fonts can I use in my design?

You can use whatever font in your design. If you design it with AI file, make sure you have created the out-lined for us.

 What is the optimal design resolution?

300 dpi is the optimal graphic resolution for printing. Any dpi less than this will result in poor print quality. The final printed product quality is determined by the file provided by customer.

 What format do I need to submit my design / artwork?

Our graphic team can handle most graphic files such as JPEG/PNG/AI/PSD/PDF files.

 I don`t have any ideas or artwork. Will Printcious design for me?

We do help customer to design their products for fee or for free depends on the design complexity and order quantity.

 Which color mode is appropriate?

Make sure your designs are in CMYK color mode. Using color mode or code in RGB or Pantone may cause color variations in the printed result.

If have any questions, you may contact / WhatsApp us anytime. Hope to serve you soon. ^_^
How to Order?
Send Enquiry <br />& Receive Quotation
Send Enquiry
& Receive Quotation
Make Payment
Make Payment
Provide Artwork <br/>& Approve Sample
Provide Artwork
& Approve Sample
Begin Production
Begin Production
Delivery or <br class="hidden-xs" />Self-Collect
Delivery or Self-Collect
Why Choose Us?
Direct Manufacturer - No more mark up price.

Direct Manufacturer
Lowest Guaranteed Price - If you find lower, let us know.

Lowest Guaranteed Price
Quality Printing - Digital high resolution full color printing.

Quality Printing
Fast Delivery - Delivery within 3 - 5 working days only.

Fast Delivery
Payment Info
  • For orders RM 2,000 and below will proceed after full payment is made.
  • For orders RM 2,000 and above minimum 70% deposit & balance 30% before delivery.
  • Express fee for fast shipping.
  • Sample photos will be emailed / whatsapp upon payment.
  • Payment modes: online funds transfer and cash deposit machine / ATM.
Shipping Info
  • Production takes place within the time stated in the quotation upon sample confirmation.
  • Orders are shipped via couriers and received within 3-5 business days.
  • Shipping fee is based on the delivery address, lead time, weight and etc.
  • Any extra customs fees will be borne by the customer, with no refunds.

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and many more ...
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Bulk Orders of Custom-Made Flaglines

What Is Custom Made Flaglines?

Custom-made flaglines are one of our specialties here at Printcious. We make and sell bulk orders for events like festivals, concerts, trade shows, and parties. They're a great way to promote brands at fairs, exhibitions, or any event with high foot traffic. They're also a novel way to advertise at outdoor events where your ads can be seen from all angles. And their vibrant designs give them a colorful presence that really stands out in any crowd—custom or otherwise!

When Do You Need Flaglines?

When you have a big event coming up and want to let people know about it. The best time to do so is a few days before you actually start running your marketing campaign. This way, you can get all parties involved (vendors, advertisers, etc.) ready well in advance. That gives you more time to plan, too! And last but not least: make sure everything's set for your big launch party or exhibition!

What Makes Our Flaglines Different?

At Printcious, we specialise in creating bulk orders of custom-made flag lines. Unlike most other companies, our flag lines are made from more durable material that is specially designed to withstand strong winds and to endure long stretches of time outdoors. This means you can get away with just a few per event! Contact us today for information on how you can save money on large orders while getting top-quality goods. For affordable custom-made flaglines, contact us today!

The Advantages Of Flaglines?

If you want to make your big event or party livelier, put a flagline out. It will surely create an enthusiastic atmosphere in no time. Our custom-made flagline is easier to assemble and much safer than traditional flag poles. And it can hold up a variety of flags and banners at once, making it very versatile! Want to know more? Just contact us! Printcious is ready for bulk orders for events as well as custom-made flaglines for exhibitions.

Choosing The Best Colors for The Event

There are so many decisions that need to be made when planning an event: What time? What theme? Do we use a DJ or a band? Is it indoors or outdoors? The list goes on and on. But one of the most important decisions is deciding what colors to use for your event's flaglines. Here at Printcious, we get excited whenever we get asked to print bulk orders for custom-made flaglines—and with good reason. Flags are an excellent way to set apart your company from others in large exhibitions and parties, and using custom-made flag lines is even better! For more brilliant ideas on how to promote your event click here.

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