Get Your Custom Keychains to Promote Your Brand & Increase Sales. Fast Shipping in Malaysia.

If you're looking to run bulk orders for your business, you may want to consider ordering keychains from Printcious. These keychains are perfect for those on the go who are always misplacing their keys, and they're especially useful if you own or manage a big company with multiple locations.

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Metal Keychains
From RM 4.50
to RM 8.00
Wooden Keychains
From RM 4.50
to RM 8.00
PU Leather Keychains
From RM 8.00
to RM 12.00
Arcylic Keychains
From RM 3.50
to RM 6.00

Order Keychains in Bulk Today with Us

You can get these bulk order keychains at wholesale prices by choosing the bulk pricing option on our website when you place your order. Ordering in bulks allows you to save money on each of your orders while also getting great deals on shipping and handling fees as well!

No Minimum Order Required

Some business owners worry that if they buy small quantities of products, they'll have too much work. It doesn't have to be that way. When you order custom keychains online, Printcious eliminates minimum order requirements—which means you can buy as few or as many keychains as you want! The company makes it easy to stock up on a product. Printcious keeps things simple when it comes to buying in bulk. Buy just one keychain—or thousands—it doesn't matter: every quantity of a custom product will save your business time and money!

Guarantee Your Satisfaction with Us

Printcious guarantees that every business is 100% satisfied with its finished product. As a business, we know how important word-of-mouth is. We want businesses to love what they get and to recommend us to other companies. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are completely happy! Because of that, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all keychains that we print for you as a gesture of good faith. If you aren't 100% satisfied then neither are we!

Ship to Worldwide

Need to buy in bulk? We offer worldwide shipping. So, you can order one or ten million keychains - it doesn't matter! Place your order today and we'll ship them out between 4 - 8 working days. We offer to ship to places like Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the USA etc.

Great Selection of Shapes and Sizes

You may have a favourite shape for your keychain, but if you're ordering in bulk it can be difficult to find a supplier that offers exactly what you want. The good news is that Printcious has a selection of more than 30 different shapes and sizes so you'll always find something that suits your style. If it's not already on our site, there are always other designs to choose from. Plus, if you have any special requests for printing please contact our customer service team for free quotes or extra information about customizing your order. Our products are 100% customizable and there are no setup fees to worry about! Shop with confidence today Printcious!

If you have any further questions do check out our FAQs page. Or contact us through our email. We are happy to help you with your problems. Don't forget to check out our mail list, we will update you on our latest products, so you will be able to purchase them for your business.

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