Personalized Promotional Drinkware With Your Logo

Elevate your brand with custom mugs, flasks & bottles. Perfect for events or business.

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Ceramic Mugs
From RM 5.00
Magic Mugs
From RM 10.00
Auto Mugs & Travel Mugs
From RM 12.00
Sport Water Bottles
From RM 8.00
Vacuum Flasks
From RM 15.00
Cup Coasters & Glass Coasters
From RM 1.80

The Power of Custom Drinkware Products as Promotional Items for Your Business 

These high quality personalized drinkwares as corporate gift ideas by premium drinkware company can be powerful tools to enhance your brand and significantly increase sales.

1. Ceramic Mugs: Crafting Lasting Impressions

Custom coffee mugs (not wine glass) have been a staple in the world of promotional products for good reason. Customized ceramic mugs at events not only serve as employee gift but also create a lasting impression on attendees. 

2. Magic Mugs: Unveiling Your Brand's Magic

Magic mugs add an element of surprise to your promotional strategy. These heat-sensitive mugs reveal your brand or message when filled with a hot beverage, creating an engaging and memorable experience for the user. 

3. Auto Mugs: On-the-Go Branding

For those who are constantly on the move, auto mugs or branded drinkwares are a game-changer. These travel mugs cater to a mobile audience, ensuring that your brand is seen in various settings. 

4. Customized Water Bottles/Sport Bottles/Custom Tumblers: Active Brand Engagement

Sport bottles or water bottles are not only practical but also align with an active lifestyle. Featuring your brand on these bottles connects with health-conscious individuals and sports enthusiasts. 

5. Vacuum Flasks: Preserving Your Brand Image

These stainless steel vacuum flasks not only keep beverages at the desired temperature but also communicate a commitment to excellence. 

6. Coasters: Elevating Your Brand, One Sip at a Time

Custom coasters with logo play a crucial role in protecting surfaces and subtly promoting your brand. Placing your logo on coasters at trade shows adds a touch of sophistication to the overall experience. 

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