Get Your Custom Pens to Promote Your Brand & Increase Sales. Fast Shipping in Malaysia.

Bulk ordering custom pens doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you're looking to order them as corporate gifts, brand enhancing products, or even just marketing merchandise, Printcious makes it easy to order in bulk through their website.

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Plastic Pens
From RM 2.00
to RM 4.00
Metal Pens
From RM 3.00
to RM 6.00
Pen Boxes
From RM 5.00
to RM 10.00
Pen Stands
From RM 5.00
to RM 10.00

Bulk Order Personalised Pens for Corporate Gifts

The process of customising the pens to your specifications and company branding only takes a few minutes once you've uploaded your logo. Within seven days of placing your order, your promotional pens will arrive right at your doorstep! Now that's what we call efficiency!

Bulk Order Personalised Plastic Pen

Send bulk personalised plastic pen as a corporate gift or brand-enhance. High-quality plastic pens can be printed with custom logo to delight recipients. Promote your company brand with Printcious promotional gifts and bulk order of personalised items at affordable prices in Singapore! This is an ideal item if you want to consider bulk order personalised pens as marketing merchandise, events or brand enhance. Our suppliers can also customise bulk personalised promotion items according to your specification. Whether it's plastic tumbler, coffee mug, or a simple ballpen, customers are guaranteed high quality product from Printcious. Showcase your personality and stand out from crowd by using unique branded pen that matches with your style statement!

Bulk Order Personalised Metal Pen

Personalised metal pens are a great corporate gift idea. Our printed, custom metal pens are an economical way to brand and market your company with something that can be used daily. The sleek design of our custom metal pens is perfect for all-day use in your office or at events, and our online platform makes it simple to order with pre-designed templates to choose from or upload your own design. When it comes to branding, printed promotional pens are a trusted promotional item year after year. Our printing process will ensure that your logo on custom printed pens last as long as you need them to! By ordering our bulk personalised metallic pen products today, you'll be able to leave an imprint on everyone who uses one of these top-notch writing tools!

Bulk Order Personalised Pen Boxes

Even if you are not looking to order corporate gifts, there is still a great reason to order your in bulk: personalised pen boxes. These top-quality wooden pen boxes and pen trays are more than just a place to store your personalised branded pens. These top-quality boxes have a sleek, professional look that will add additional value and impact when you give out your personalised branded pens during business meetings or events. For instance, if it's an event that's all about you (your company's products or services), using a bulk order of personalised pen boxes as part of your brand-enhancement efforts can be sure to generate positive attention and lead to higher interest in what you have to offer.

Bulk Order Personalised Pen Stands

At Printcious, we have many different types of bulk order personalised pen stands. Whatever you need our team will be able to help you with. You can get any type of message printed on your pens and there are many different colour options available. All you need to do is come up with a design that you would like and upload it onto our website and then send it to your customers or clients with their name on it. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about these services so don't hesitate in getting in touch today!

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