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Employee recognition is an important part of the workplace, and employers should try to find creative ways to encourage their employees to be productive and happy. One way to do this is with identity items — small symbols that remind your workers of their place in the company and how they can grow in their roles by helping you achieve your goals, too.

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ID Cards
From RM 1.00
to RM 3.00
From RM 3.00
to RM 11.00
ID Card Holders
From RM 1.00
to RM 3.00
ID Card Holder Pulleys
From RM 3.00
to RM 6.00
Name Card Holders
From RM 15.00
to RM 25.00
Enamel Pins
From RM 3.00
to RM 15.00

Identity Items for Your Employees to Feel Appreciated

An identity item doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate; these five identity items are simple but memorable ways to thank your employees for their hard work without taking up much time or money on your end.

Why Identity Items are more than just a Trinket?

Just about every business, organization and even personal brand can benefit from employee appreciation programs. Whether you're looking to boost morale or say thank you in a big way, consider giving employees a meaningful reward that will last. One of our favourite ways to do so is through custom identity items like ID card holders, lanyards and name cardholders.

Our custom promotional items have value and meaning while increasing employee loyalty at an affordable price. And with so many customization options available, we're confident we can find just what you need for your next event or promotion!

What Makes Them Special?

In a business world that is constantly changing, identity items keep employees connected to their organization. The relationship employees have with their employer impacts how hard they work and whether or not they feel empowered to succeed. Identity items are symbols of loyalty, something tangible that employees can see and touch every day as a constant reminder of their connection to an organization.

Best of all, identity items help build connections between individuals and increase overall levels of trust throughout an organization. Once people feel like they are part of something special, it becomes much easier to motivate them in achieving common goals.

Plan Your Bulk Gift Order

It's important to plan ahead for your bulk order. The first step is to create a list of potential items you could provide employees with, then narrow it down to what would be most useful. When planning your order, consider how many employees you have and how often you will distribute these items (once a year? Once every six months?).

You may also want to take into account whether or not these items are one size fits all or if they are different sizes, colours, etc. This will help when deciding on which bulk identity items to purchase and give out! It's a good idea to ask employees what they want, too. Most people love getting gifts as much as they like giving them!

How Many Products Should You Order?

If you're ordering custom identity items, such as ID cardholder pulleys or ID cards, you'll have to figure out how many will be needed. Many businesses have a few sets of name tags that go around and around from employee to employee. If your company doesn't do that, order only as many name tags and as you know you need.

Don't guess—or run out of something at an inopportune time. If there are several employees with similar names (for example, if two employees named Michelle work together), make sure you order extra so there aren't mix-ups.

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