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Sponsorship Program

Printcious would like to thank the many that believed in us for their corporate sponsors which has benefited from, both current and previous. Our support, coupled with the hard work, has allowed Printcious to establish itself as the premier organization in the industry professionally.

We already sponsor hundreds of organizations from different industries in all kind of communities for the past four years, and we'd love to help those who are eligible with the effort of all we can ensure the main strategic and sponsor's objectives would continue success.

Sponsorship opportunities afford us additional ways to connect with our customers, give back to communities, and improve the quality of life in a more efficient manner. We carefully select these partnerships to ensure they positively reflect our brand values, showcase our technology solutions, and support our economic, and social commitments.

We have designed the comprehensive and multi-tiered Printcious Corporate Sponsorship Program, which provides substantial benefits at every level. We invite you and your organization to explore this exciting program.


All sponsorship requests should be submitted at least 30 - 90 days prior to the sponsorship event/activation.

We occasionally sponsor events or projects where in the focus areas where we make an impact.

If your project does support our purpose, please email to or call Mr. Kyle at 019.3236.301. Our corporate sponsorship department will review and notify you of further update.

Also, we are unable to sponsor any of the following categories:

  • Fraternities, sororities, individuals, scholarships, political action committees, candidates for political office
  • Organizations that limit membership and services based on race, religion, color, creed, sex, age, or national origin

Our sponsorship will not provide you or your organization with funding but will provide a discounted rate for using Printcious or physical item will be given depends upon individual circumstances.

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