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Material Nylon
Overall Length Approximately 93cm
Width 15mm & 20mm
Printing Method Full Color Heat Transfer
Accessories Clip or Hook
Attachments Buckle & Handphone String
Add-ons ID Card Holder
Finishing Clamp or Button

Accessories & Attachments

Add-ons : ID Card Holder

Difference between Silkscreen Printing & Full Color Heat Transfer Printing


  • Solid color only without gradient.
  • Multiple layers for additional colors.
  • May look slightly pixelated even with high resolution artwork.
  • Printing may crack and peel over time.
  • Suitable for events, temporary staff, etc. Very cost effective.

Heat Transfer

  • Digitally printed with sublimation heat transfer.
  • No limitation on colors and design.
  • Sharp printing which makes smaller texts readable.
  • Long lasting print that won't fade, crack, run or fade over time.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor and for corporate company.

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Lanyards has a history of holding onto things that are important to people back then and still is now. If it's not broken why fix it? Your potential customers pretty much know all about lanyard and familiarity plays a huge role in getting your marketing item to reach the general public. With no MOQ, you won't have to worry about needing to order anything additional just to make up the numbers. We make it easy for you to cater to small businesses as well as huge corporations with hundreds of employees. Get your company's logo, unique catchphrase or even distinguished artwork printed on our lanyards with full colour heat transfer printing to ensure that the end product will look exactly the same if not better than the design. What's more our method prints in true colours to keep your logo, brand, mascot and etc. for remain true to its colour palette as per designed.

There's nothing more appealing than to get something that your potential customer can wear to virtually anywhere they go, what's more is that it can be worn across all sorts of attire be it for formal occasions, semi casual or simply casual, it's never a problem for lanyards. So when we're talking about coverage area, when you use lanyards as your marketing item, not only will you be getting cheap publicity but at the same time it'll take your company's brand and logo to virtually anywhere. You can choose either nylon or polyester and see which one is more suited to the event that you're holding, both of which comes with a few set of accessories as well as add-ons should you desire any like our ID card holder. If you want to make your special occasion even more memorable for your guests, you can opt to get our Instant Gift Printing service to get things started with a ton of gifts that you can choose from. Get your guests the best memorable gift in three easy steps, shoot a picture, get it printed on your desired item then collect them at our pre-installed booth all within the vicinity and time of the event.

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