Hanna Nick calls herself a newbie in the ways of an artist but we believe she’s just a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished to perfection. That’s why we reached out to her to get a piece of her mind. Check out our Q&A session with the owner of Hanna Nick, one of the designer stores hosted on Printcious.

1. First thing first, what lured you into picking up the pen/pencil/brush/charcoal for the first time?
It just my hobby. I love something creative and colorful. Easily attracted to them and makes me want to do something like that so I started to make one.

2. What keeps your creativity tank full and ready to go each time you create something new?
I keep myself up to date with the new lifestyle, design, artwork, fashion, and somehow all these things will process and become something new in my head. My mind will not stop thinking of it until I draw it on my canvas. Draw first, modify later.

3. What are your tools of trade and would you recommend them to fellow artists?
I just use my beloved Adobe Photoshop CS6, it easy to use and handle. I am looking forward to use Wacom graphic tablet as well to make my work easier.

4. What is the most memorable place you’ve found inspiration for your next artwork at and do you frequently go there for more ideas?
I don’t have special place for that. I just love to view photos and creative design on internet.


5. Out of all the artworks that you have produced thus far, would you happen to have a favorite amongst them that you consider to be your baby?
I think I don’t have most favorite design because all of them are my favorite.

6. What are your thoughts on Printcious? Feel free to comment on before and after joining us.
I think Printcious is the best platform for me so far to upload my design and actually selling it. I’m actually thinking to do my own business and sell my own product design, however Printcious already help me with that and become the best partner.

7. Do you find yourself able to benefit from Printcious’ Designer Program and would you recommend it to other artists out there that are still finding a Malaysian platform to sell their artworks?
Yes absolutely Printcious is the best platform so far to spreading your creativity without boundaries. The best thing is Printcious also aware of our design and drop some comments if the design is not suitable. So you actually can improve yourself and your design as well.

8. Printcious is now international! What do you feel about the possibilities of your artworks travelling the world?
I am so excited! It require so much effort if we want to sell our things across the world. We might not have enough budget or time to do all the things done, but Printcious just make everything easy and possible. Thank you for that.


10. Lastly, we’re letting you promote your designer store in your own words. No word limits, go for it!
Check out my store at Printcious with the name Hanna Nick. If you love colorful design, this is the place. I will keep designing and improving my skill and artworks here. If you guys have special request for me to design anything, please let me know. thank you for all the support. Everything is art.

Thank you very much for participating in this Q&A session, Hanna Nick. We wish you further growth & success in the near future!

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