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Sponsorship Program for Charity, University & College Events

Printcious would like to thank you for believing in us as your event sponsors. Your support, coupled with plenty of hard work, has allowed Printcious to re-establish itself as the premier organization in the gift printing industry.

We have already sponsored hundreds of organizations from varying industries as well as serving the community for the past four years. We'd love to help those who are in need and doing all we can to ensure that your objectives are met.

Some Successful Memories

Sponsorship Program Universities and Colleges

Our sponsorship does not involve providing cash. However, we would be happy to support your event by offering the following promotional gifts at a special discounted price.

Furthermore, if your purchase exceeds RM 1,000, we currently have a special offer of cash vouchers worth RM 1,000.

These vouchers can be used to reward your participants, committees, and friends as part of the sponsorship for your event.


Thank you for your interest in a Printcious Gifts and company!

Before you take the time to submit a sponsorship request, please read through these FAQs to get answers to some of the more common questions.

 What is Printcious Sponsorship program?

Printcious Sponsorship program was designed to support universities, colleges and school events with merchandises or promotional gift items as sponsorships.

 What if we have sponsored your event in the past?

If we have sponsored your event in the past, that does not mean we will be sponsoring your event year after year. We will still need your event proposal for further reference.

 When to expect to hear from Printcious Gifts regarding the sponsorship request?

Our sponsorship department representative will contact you through texting (WhatsApp) or email.

If we have not answered all your questions, feel free to send an email to sponsorship@printcious.com and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

 Are there any advantages in submitting a sponsorship application early?

Yes, you have a much better chance to secure a sponsorship spot. Plus, don't forget that the earlier you submit a sponsorship application, the further ahead you can plan for your event.

 When to have sponsorship application submitted?

You must submit a thorough and complete proposal no later than 30 days prior to your event date.

 What are the items that will be sponsored by Printcious?

We're delighted to sponsor these items :

You may suggest any other items too but it depends on the availability.

 What will Printcious expect in return for a successful sponsorship applicant?

Printcious expects to generate high awareness among the younger generations to promote Printcious with the use of social media tools.

 What if I succeed or fail to achieve the requirement?

Congratulations to those who have succeeded in completing the task within a certain period of time. You will receive the sponsorship in lump sum as per the initial agreement.

For those who have failed to achieve the task will receive partial sponsorship instead of full sponsorship. It will be subjected to our discretion.

 Where and how to apply for the sponsorship?

Great question. All you need to do is email your event proposal to sponsorship@printcious.com and our assistant will contact you as soon as possible.

 What is your privacy policy?

We know your privacy is important to you and Printcious is committed to protecting your information. For details, please refer Privacy Policy.

 Is shipping fee covered by Printcious?

No, we only sponsor the product items, not including the shipping fee. You can come to our office to collect if you want or we can deliver to you.

Shipping fee for West Malaysia is around RM 20 for 10kg and for East Malaysia is around RM 150 for 10kg.

 How many percentage of the mission we need to complete in order to get sponsored?

In order to get sponsorship from Printcious, you need to complete the mission at least 65% and above.

The mission needs to be completed 3 weeks before the event date so we can have more time to prepare.

If you complete 65%, we will sponsor 65% of the product items and we will offer the best price for remaining 35%.