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About Us


  • To be the largest online DIY gift printing platform in ASEAN.

    Cherish the past and dream big for tomorrow. Started small in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, today our presence is being seen at an international level. We are aiming to distribute our services across all ASEAN countries to become their most reliable merchandise printing facility. We offer easy, fascinating, and close to the heart experience not only for this region but globally as well.


  • To make gift giving personal for every individual.

    What we do symbolizes a celebration for all the giving hands. We created rooms for everyone to pour their thoughts, attachments, and creativity onto memories worth keeping to be shared with loved ones. Put your personal touch and we make it happen.

  • To enhance corporate branding for companies.

    Each day, Printcious is serving different categories of consumers simultaneously including numerous corporate companies. We comprehend the amount of responsibility it takes to paint a company's image in the eyes of the general public. Our professional team is working progressively and making sure that the needs of professional entities are being fulfilled.

Printcious is about never giving up.

Printcious has come a long way, from what started off as a small ordinary gift shop has blossomed into something that we could only dream off. It was a lifelong dream of aspiring brothers that has now become a reality. But truthfully, our road towards success much like any other success stories that you might've read, wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.


We didn't start it off with a small loan of a million dollar or anything of the sort, it was humble beginnings for us. In 2007, we had our first gift shop smack in the middle of KL, where traffic jams is at its best. Back then we were known as Heartbeat.my with our sole mission being to nurture gift giving ideas to our potential customers and let them be in awe with the gifts that we have in store.

Unfortunately, the shop didn't last more than 6 months. Getting less visitors each day due to the bad Feng Shui as well as being amateurs in the business had caused our downfall.

Printcious is about family love.

In all honesty, we took it hard. It wasn't even easy to start up a business let alone run it. Family support was what kept us going. A year passed by, you could say that nothing much changed, we were still struggling, we tried everything we could to stay in the gift printing business from T-shirts, trophies, mugs, button badges and etc. if we can print and make money out of it, we'd do it in a heartbeat.


Printcious is about self-innovation.

Keeping the momentum going, we decided to take one step further and that led to the birth of our photo booth rental service in 2013 called 123cheese.my to further grow and expand our business. We have served more than 2,000 clients by spreading joy at corporate events, birthday parties, wedding receptions and much more.


Printcious is about rebranding yourself.

2015 marked an exciting era for us. From what initially known as Heartbeat.my, we evolved ultimately rebranded our identity to Printcious that many people love today. Printcious is a combined word for “Printing” and “Precious” which extracted from our duty to print your precious gifts. It has changed the game ever since but our drive to make gifting more personal is unaltered.


Printcious is about creating personal gifts.

Printcious is an e-commerce website specialising in personalised gifts in which anybody can design their own gifts with our easy-to-use online design tools and get a unique gift for themselves and their loved ones.


Printcious is about finding the right gifts.

When asked why we chose personalised gifts as our main focus to do business, our answers were simple. We wish to combat all the challenges present in ordinary traditional gifts; unmemorable, time consuming and costly. Thus, Printcious stands as an effective solution to all of the highlighted issues in which we aim to provide our customers with special gift ideas. It's not just about a gift but, it is the gift that was made right from the bottom of their heart with a personal and DIY touch to it.


Printcious is about giving back.

As a start-up gift company, we're a firm believer of giving with art is giving with heart. Thus, we make it our own mission to give back to the society by sponsoring charity events like blood donation, visiting orphans and many more. In addition, we also provide sponsorship to local start up events with our merchandise gifts that can be customised specially to meet the needs of our customers.


Printcious is about learning & sharing.

Determined not to repeat the past, we committed and dedicated ourselves to learn more about online marketing skills such as SEO, SEM, SMO and more. We believe as we hone our skills each day, we will be able to cultivate the gift-giving culture among Malaysians and hopefully to the world.

Google had also invited us as honourable guests to share our knowledge and experiences to other start-up companies in providing our insights as to how we can use Google to find new leads and open up new markets for business.


Printcious is about creating happiness.

The birth of Printcious further reinforces our beliefs to further foster the culture of gift-giving and make it available to everyone regardless of their creativity. If we can advocate for anything, it will be to ensure customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that customers' happiness is our top priority and we're making efforts to ensure that our customers are well taken care of and be satisfied with the gifts that they send or receive.


Printcious is about persistence.

Persistence pays off, as we were greeted with amazing news at the dawn of 2012, we managed to become one of Malaysia's largest customised and personalised gift printing suppliers, supplying gifts and merchandises to customers.

2019 Sep Sponsored by MDEC, MATRADE and SME Corp to Alibaba Netpreneur Program in Alibaba HQ, Hangzhou, China
2018 Oct
Awarded Young / Emerging Business Excellence Award in Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards
Awarded Finalist in JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award
Awarded Winner of Rising Star Award in Selangor International Business Summit
Awarded Champion of Dream Factory Start-up Contest
2017 Nov
Awarded MYCYBERSALE Top 3 in Gifts Category
Awarded Champion of SITEC Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards
2016 Nov
Awarded Merit of APICTA Awards in Best of Start-Up Companies
Awarded Cradle CIP 500 fund
Sponsored by MaGIC to Stanford University in Silicon Valley
2015 Dec
Awarded Malaysia Website Awards
Printcious website officially launched
Joined MaGIC Accelerator Program (Cohort 1)
Printcious established

To date, Printcious has served customers from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and some countries that we never even heard of before


Printcious is about a dream.

Want to know what's the best part of our story? We were just a bunch of 26 year olds who just wanted to make their dreams a reality so when news came that we were about to get interviewed in local newspapers plus with a ton of media coverages, we were ecstatic.


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